Monday, October 31, 2011


So this month is coming to a close. And what a month it was! I don't remember ever being so busy. Not even when I was raising a toddler/pregnant/going to tax school all at once. I always have a test or project looming and there are so many little things to keep up with. Anyway, here's my planner spread for October:
Honestly, I'm a little bit concerned about November. Mid-terms, Thanksgiving, cold weather (my babies both have colds right now), Christmas shopping, tax school (starts officially for me on Wednesday AND I do not have childcare at this point)... And my planner spread for November already looks like this:

Here we go!!!

Happy Halloween

 images via tumblr using tag "vintage halloween"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party!

We had our Halloween Party last night. It was so much fun to see all the creative costumes :) We took lotsa pictures, but this one really takes the cake!
Among our guests, we had a tibetan, Freddy Mercury, an adorable candy apple, a few interpretations of Owen Wilson characters from Wes Anderson movies. Oh, and the best Two-Face/Harvey Dent EVER.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Most Embarrassing Moments of the Week

1) Mistaking someone else's car for my own and freaking out thinking my children had been kidnapped.

2) Falling backwards, hitting my head and bottom, requiring the pizza guy to drop everything and assist.

3) No, that's not eye-makeup remover. It's nail polish remover.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What She Wore 4: Hip

Beatrice and I went on a little shopping spree the other night, funded by Grampa :) She picked out her winter clothes. We got long-sleeved Ts in a variety of stripes, plain and patterned leggings, a neutral cardigan, Juno-esque skirts and some really awesome shoes. It's all mix-and-match-able so she can put her own looks together. We only got clothes that Bibi loves and can put on/take off herself. She is a big girl now so she needs to be able to get these things off when nature calls, if you know what I mean.
jacket: gifted
jeans: gifted, baby gap
striped shirt, skirt, shoes: buybuybaby

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Decorations!

We're getting ready for everyone's second favorite* holiday right now. Jack-o-lanterns and skulls, prett standard. I'd like to get some spider webs as well. We'll definitely pump it up before our Haloween Party, but for everyday, this is just right!

*Christmas is the favorite, of course!

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little Sad

I said goodbye to these this morning along with a few other things. These shorts were hard to let go.

Christmas in October?

Our friend Mario is a little bit crazy. Crazy for Christmas, that is. Of course just about everyone agrees it is the best holiday, but seriously- hanging your lights in October?! Come on, now!

So Kara and Mario had a little decorating party. We had lots of yummy food and even yummier (IMHO) drinks. The kids were there, Jake and Lucy were there. It was a fun, fun evening!
taken by Mario 
taken by Mario 
Taken by Mario

This picture James took of Jake playing with Am was taken form outside through the glass which is why it looks weird. But isn't it a sweet scene? Jake is going to be such a great daddy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Three Ways to Wear a Sweater Dress

My mother-in-law gifted me a number of lovely little sweater dresses! Lucky me! They all fit and they are so comfortable and easy for a busy mama like me. But when you have the same piece in a number of colors, you want to avoid styling them the same way every time, right? So here are three ways I like to wear these.

For this time of year, tights or jeans are a necessity. So for the first look, I just threw on some shorts and legwarmers to give a really youthful feel. The second look features my granny boots, a new fave. The final look, with a belt, jeans and heels, is perfect for running errands with my little ones.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What She Wore 3: DIY Owl Costume

After seeing this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess, I wanted to make one for my own self. Or should I say, my own selfish. Because I have a little girl who would actually get more wear out of a pretty costume like this than I would. So I made it for her.

In addition to the tutorial, this dress is also inspired by Beatrice's current favorite book, Owl At Home by the amazingly charming Arnold Lobel. His stories and illustrations are so perfect that I really don't mind reading this to Beatrice 2-5 times a day.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Crayon Marks on the Wall

I'm always a bit amazed when I go out with my kids at the looks I get from other adults. Looks that say, "Must suck to be her." I guess because having two little kids can be pretty intense and high volume and, I admit, at times hectic.

My kids are not the stand still and hold onto the buggy in silence while I shop kind. They sing and they dance and they point out every sparkly thing they see and Beatrice always asks me to look at this and that the whole time and she gets away every chance she gets!

But to me? This is not a problem. This is what I asked for. My children are not mistakes. It wasn't oops, I guess we're having a kid now. Nope, James and I planned it. We were trying- both timesWe wanted this. The messes, the noise, the poop, the cuddles, the sticky faces and hands, sometimes having to buy a snow globe because someone threw it out of the buggy when we were still in the store, the endless trips to Target for diapers and formula, tiny people between us in bed, baby clothes everywhere. All of it.

This is not the time in my life for leisurely shopping in the peace and quiet. This is a time for singing Waltzing Matilda on repeat and reading Dr Seuss. This is the time for crumbs in the backseat. For crayon marks on the walls.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Sometimes, Beatrice and I like to draw together. She's good with details. :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Book Time

What She Wore 2: Kimono

Like many little girls, Beatrice loves playing dress up. This one is her Mulan look. She is wearing a red and gold kimono found at Goodwill, a green Old Navy tank top of mine underneath, a vintage scarf from Paraders Vintage, shoes from Baby's R Us and a piece of ribbon in her hair.

Happy Birthday, cont'd

Amby's birthday celebration lasted all weekend. We had a nice dinner, just the four of us, on Friday night and he opened his presents from me and James. On Saturday, Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Danny came over with more presents:

This vehicle will probably turn my hair gray in no time. But at least I'll get plenty of exercise...

We went out for lunch with them, took a nap break in the afternoon, and in the evening Jake and Lucy came over and we all had cake.

On Sunday, we had a birthday lunch with Papa and Moma and aunts Isobel and Emma and uncles Raleigh and Justus.

Emma made cupcakes which Amby shared with me:

Today, we are going to Sears and Ambrose is getting his one year portraits made. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Son!

My little guy is a year old! This was a whole darn year ago! Un-buh-lievable.

Am, you are so cute that it's not even fair. I could spend all day with my cheek smooshed into yours (if you didn't have a sister competing for cheek smooshage).  In just a couple weeks you have become a pro at walking. And what's all this about repeating everything I say! You are a baby, for crying out loud. Aren't you supposed to just coo?

Cute things:

1. You and Bea are going as skeletons for halloween and I got you both masks. You hold yours up and say, BOO!

2. You love my monkey Ferdinand, but when he cries, your face clouds up with the most adorable pout ever. Not because you are scared, but because you feel sorry for him. You empathize. I'm going to video tape it because it really is too much.

3. You love to cuddle with a teddy bear or blanky to go to sleep. When I check on you, you often have one of your two quilts wrapped around your head.

4. Today when Papa Jake told Beatrice that Mama Lulu needed a hug, all you heard was "needs a hug." You dove out of my arms for Papa Jake like life or death and you gave him the sweetest hug. I love that you care so much about peoples' needs even when you don't understand the context.

5. The way you look in a birthday hat:

I love you, son. Grow up strong and handsome like your daddy. Be brave and adventurous like your sister. And always be silly. Like your mama.