Saturday, October 22, 2011

What She Wore 3: DIY Owl Costume

After seeing this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess, I wanted to make one for my own self. Or should I say, my own selfish. Because I have a little girl who would actually get more wear out of a pretty costume like this than I would. So I made it for her.

In addition to the tutorial, this dress is also inspired by Beatrice's current favorite book, Owl At Home by the amazingly charming Arnold Lobel. His stories and illustrations are so perfect that I really don't mind reading this to Beatrice 2-5 times a day.


  1. awww, she so cute!

  2. This creation is amazingly cute, totally awesome and omg bad to the bone! I hope you and the family can make it over to my studio for Open Studios coming up soon!

  3. ok .. i just can't even explain how cute she is .