Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Son!

My little guy is a year old! This was a whole darn year ago! Un-buh-lievable.

Am, you are so cute that it's not even fair. I could spend all day with my cheek smooshed into yours (if you didn't have a sister competing for cheek smooshage).  In just a couple weeks you have become a pro at walking. And what's all this about repeating everything I say! You are a baby, for crying out loud. Aren't you supposed to just coo?

Cute things:

1. You and Bea are going as skeletons for halloween and I got you both masks. You hold yours up and say, BOO!

2. You love my monkey Ferdinand, but when he cries, your face clouds up with the most adorable pout ever. Not because you are scared, but because you feel sorry for him. You empathize. I'm going to video tape it because it really is too much.

3. You love to cuddle with a teddy bear or blanky to go to sleep. When I check on you, you often have one of your two quilts wrapped around your head.

4. Today when Papa Jake told Beatrice that Mama Lulu needed a hug, all you heard was "needs a hug." You dove out of my arms for Papa Jake like life or death and you gave him the sweetest hug. I love that you care so much about peoples' needs even when you don't understand the context.

5. The way you look in a birthday hat:

I love you, son. Grow up strong and handsome like your daddy. Be brave and adventurous like your sister. And always be silly. Like your mama.


  1. He really is too much. Such a sweet guy.

  2. I think that he'll surely be able to fit the , handsome, strong,brave , adventurous , and never forget SILLY , job description :)
    I love that big boy so much