Sunday, November 20, 2011

On Food

James and I are not vegan.

We just did a week long cleansing as a kick-off toward a more clean, balanced, ethical and sustainable eating habit. We ate only cleansing foods (as opposed to building foods such as cheeses and meats). We ate a lot of veggies and avoided preservatives, artificial sweeteners, etc. We also spent time in the sauna at our gym to help get out toxins.

This is going to be a big shift for us and it can't happen abruptly. We learned this week that our bodies need a gentler transition and that it will take time (like months or a year or longer) for us to replace most of our foods and recipes. I have no idea what to make!!! (If anyone out there has vegan/vegetarian recipes, please share!!)

The goal is not to be vegan or even fully vegetarian. Animal products don't bother us so long as they are ethically produced and don't contain hormones and antibiotics and aren't over-processed. We've switched to raw milk for the kids and organic soy for ourselves, but we pretty much only use it in coffee.

Personally, I would really like support for this change. I don't want my friends to feel that we are against them or look down on them for eating what they do, but I know that is how this kind of thing is easily taken. I thought that about the vegans I know, like "they think they are better and superior to all of us normal people." Now, I am certain that is not the case with them any more than it is for us! Although, I'd love to see my friends move in this direction, too. That way we could share recipes.


  1. If you haven't read it, I recommend "Food Matters" by Mark Bittman. He takes a similar approach to what you're talking about and calls it "vegan until 6:00" - not totally vegan, but focusing on a diet that's heavily plant based and eating less meat and processed foods for both health and environmental reasons. He gives plenty of recipes that you can add just a little meat to or take it out completely. I enjoyed reading it, and I like the recipes I've tried so far! :)

  2. Good luck! It's an important change and you should be proud of yourselves for even trying! I'm not veggie/vegan but I eat meat-free fairly regularly. Can't quite get used to soya milk in my tea, though...

  3. Congrats on making the switch over!
    Here are two blogs that may help you with simple cooking:

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks, ladies!! I just checked out and found a chickpea salad recipe I'm going to make for lunch tomorrow!!

  5. Your diet is like your religion: as long as you don't force it down the throat of others, I hope it brings you happiness. I will try to refrain from bringing over the salty, sweet and/or fatty stuff (unless requested). Good luck, where we live provides a bit of a challenge but you and James can do it.