Wednesday, December 7, 2011

About Yesterday:

So as I have already said, I completed this term's finals yesterday. It was a really good day. And now I'm going to tell you about it.

James didn't go to work. So we had a nice family morning and then I headed out to school. My first exam was math at 11:30. I knew I only had to get 22 out of 100 on the final to get an A in the class, so I didn't really study. Got the test and was happy to recognize everything on it. (This is kinda major for me because last time I took college level math I failed miserably.)

It took a little less than an hour so I had plenty of time before my next critiques/exam at 3. I took all my rental books back to the bookstore and still had tons of time so I decided to treat myself. I went to the little flatbread cafe on campus and got a nice hot panini, found a convenient and comfortable spot and read Howl's Moving Castle while I ate. It felt really good to do something purely fun. I took my time.

Then I made my way to my next appointment and had a few minutes to read before we started. Critiques are never fun, but it didn't last too long. I'm really happy with my project and it was neat to see what everyone else did. My friend Beth did an awesome job on hers. In fact, she and I were both exempted from the final. Sweeeet! (I am so stoked that we have two classes together in the Spring Term!)

When I got home, James had made The Best Spaghetti Ever. But before dinner, we did a little thrift store run. You know, to celebrate exams being over and all. We didn't find much, but what we did find was totally worth going out in the dark, drizzly, rain to find!!! (For one thing, a 60s striped, brightly colored, tailored blazer for James.)

When we got home, we checked the mail and found our next netflix feature waiting, The Incredibles. We all watched about a quarter of the movie after dinner. Then it was bed for the kids and gym for me. Felt so good to work off any residual stress from the semester. Came home and enjoyed a glass of wine and watched Heathers with James (which I had never seen, but wanted to since that whole thing with Raja and Carmen and Manilla and Delta).


  1. Wow, what a good husband! I would like to hear more about this spaghetti - spaghetti happens tobe my all-time favourite thing to eat.

    On the subject of 90s movies which were somehow missed the first time around, last week I watched Mermaids for the first time. So awesome!

  2. Hmmm, another one to watch. I kinda missed out on a lot the first time around.....