Saturday, December 10, 2011

Charm: The Career Girl's Guide to Business and Personal Success

I had this book when I was a teenager and I spent countless hours with it. Somewhere in all the upheaval of college and moving and marriage, it got gone. Finally, last week, I looked it up online and ordered another copy. (Life is so much easier now that we have the internet. As a teen, I chanced upon it at the Salvation Army or similar thrift store. Back when I spent more time in the book section than the clothes.)

This is a book that teaches a young lady how to be charming: how to do your hair and make-up, how to develop your personal style, how to be pleasant company and have a pleasing voice, how to find and keep a good job, how to charm a man into giving you his name. And it is a treasure trove of vintage graphics/pictures/illustrations.

That last image is in the section that tells you all about how to deal with The Office Wolf and the many varieties of office wolves there are. You will also learn how to deal with old people and which girdle works best for you, how to behave at a party and how to wear a wig.

This book would make a great gift to any young lady in your life, especially one who has a heart for vintage or who is career oriented. (Or who you feel needs a good nudge some inspiration.)


  1. I like:))
    Guess what ? I'm a young lady in YOUR life !

  2. I have the 1964 edition, which is the one pictured here? Looks early to mid 70's