Friday, December 9, 2011

Honesty: Tights

Tights are so in right now, as they always should be. And I love them as much as any girl in my blogging niche. But seriously, ladies: Are you wearing all those little dresses and skirts around all the time with tights underneath or are you just doing your outfit post pictures and returning to our static-free world?
This is Elycia, one of my favorite outfit posters and a girl who loves color as much as I do!
Because I cannot go three steps without the part of my skirt that ought to daintily flit around my knee glueing itself to my mid-thigh. And not relaxing even when I stop. I wear a slip and I have never had success with the hairspray trick.

If you know the secret, please share it with me. I feel like I must just be missing something.


  1. I have more problems with my hair getting static-y in the winter! It's so annoying. I've heard dryer sheets may work? I love her tights!! -Rachel (for the birds)

  2. i wear tight and a dress/skirt almost every day, and am feeling you on the static issue. i broke down and bought the static-guard spray, which is basically just a bunch of weird smelly chemicals in a can... but.... it does work. i also tried the downey/dryer sheets, and i've used the hairspray, but this one for me, as much as i tried to avoid, is the winner :)

  3. I rub lotion on over the tights. It's always worked for me.

  4. I love tights. I never feel like I can wear colourful ones... I know...HOW SAD :( I do however, wear lovely thick Wintery tights with my dresses. I also LIVE out of leggings - I seriously hope they never go out of fashion.

    Great blog, I am now a follower!

    Hailes <3

    P.s Merry Christmas!

  5. Vintage slips.

    Seriously. You can get them for about two bucks, they come in tons of colors (or white, so you can dye them) and you'll never have to worry about static again. I love them.

    Also, if you see a skirt at the thrift shop with a lining, you can take some elastic and make a colorful slip out of the lining.