Thursday, December 1, 2011

What He Wore 1

The other day I noticed that none of Amby's shoes fit anymore. Well, it's no wonder- he's been wearing them for 6 months! I went to Target and looked at the baby boy shoes, but I told Am that I'd rather put him in sparkly girl shoes than anything as ugly as all those boring khaki lumps. Then we went to Salvation Army and found these adorable navy blue vintage leather shoes. And they fit with some room to grow! Oh, happy me.

shirt: thrifted
suspender pants: thrifted/vintage
socks: circo
shoes: thrifted/vintage

FYI: Ambrose's powdery soft, gently curling, reddish-brown hair is one of the sweetest blessings I've been given. That and the part of his face where the cheek meets the neck in a cushion of squishy cuddles.


  1. He is just the sweetest child ever .

  2. Hey, remember that his Moma wants some hard copy pics of this little guy for Xmas? Some of his sis would also be welcome!!!