Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Judging from the great quantity of fashion/outfit/style oriented posts around here, you may be surprised to learn that I have a life outside of my closet. My life extends, believe it or not, all the way to the local library. Last week I checked out Ender's Game and consumed it in a few days. It's so engrossing! I had only read one Orson Scott Card book before, the first in the Seventh Son series.

FACT: The only thing better than discovering a new author, is learning that s/he is prolific.

Have you read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? What a wonderful book! Now I'm well into the author's collection of short stories. I love that she sticks to her Jonathan Strange universe in this collection. England in the early 1800s. And faerie.

I enjoy books that are mind bending, have well-conceived plots, and are character driven. If you know of any that fit this bill, TELL ME!

*I am afraid I must advise you not to follow this link. Though this library mind is fascinating, the other images are disturbing. You have been warned.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Personal Style 101: Be Bold, Be You

It doesn't matter what other people think. In fact, they respect you more when you keep it real. At least I hope so! I get a lot of funny looks for some of the things I wear. I go to a school where most people dress in black and gray. I stick out like a sore thumb, but I get the impression that I am having a lot more fun that an lot of other people.

My clothes are me and I am them and they look like all my dreams. (Have you read The Big Orange Splot lately?) Sometimes when I shop, cashiers ask me if I am going to a costume party. Nope, I just like silly things!
So where do you get the courage to be bold in your dress? 

The first step is accepting your self: Your Body And Your Flaws. 

Like most women, I have had my own closet full of body image issues. We all have things we don't like and things we compare to other people, things we are embarrassed about. Girl, that's you you're judging! 

Accept those things you can't change and learn to love them as just another facet of who you are. 

I have millions of dark moles all over my body and a huge nose that takes up most of the camera frame. The only thing that can keep my jiggly parts from jiggling is flash photography and lets not even talk about my teeth. But hopefully you'll be too distracted by my confident smile and pretty clothes to notice any of that!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pink Hair: Edgy with a Side of Nerd

I love pink hair paired with dark femme looks. The last picture reminds me of a modern day Anne of Green Gables. (I never read those books. Are you shocked and horrified?) I found all these pictures on tumblr. If you are on there, I will follow you.  Just let me know! There are tons and tons of colorful hair pictures, but far too many of them show silly duck-faced girls. Ick. Don't worry, I plumbed the depths -is that the expression- to find some really good ones to share here. This is a duck-face free zone, y'all.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Arlo!

Mama Lulu and Papa Jake welcomed their precious little boy into the world tonight. Lucy texted me around 5 and said she thought she might really be in labor this time and that her water broke. Just a few hours later -9:08 I believe- Arlo Jacob made his entrance! 8 pounds, 2 ounces, 21 inches long. Lucy is an amazing super mom- all natural delivery and already breastfeeding like a pro.

Lust List: Dresses

This past week, Kate over at Scathingly Brilliant wore a really pretty black and white dress from ASOS. I had never even heard of that site before, but when I checked it out-- Oh Happy Day. For me anyway, maybe not for James and his bank account. Shouldn't've given me my own card, James :) (I'm joking, you guys! I have my own money anyway...)
Such pretty styles and all with alternative color choices! The mint green one is out of stock right now, but all the others are available and in the sale section. Really reasonable prices in the sale section- like between $15 and $30. What?!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coupon Codes

I may or may not be CRAZY, but if you are a READER here, I have TINYSPECIAL for you. As of today, my etsy shop has had 99 sales and I'm pretty excited.

What I Wore: Mama Interrupted, Again

Remember when I said I wear these sweaters almost every day? Well, it was true and therefore it should come as no surprise when they inhabit more or less all my outfit posts for awhile. Like this one. I leaked a picture from this look a couple days ago, but here is the outfit in all its colorful glory.
Ambrose thought it was a mother-son photo session. :P

On me: 
sweater: old navy
dress: vintage/thrifted
scarf: thrifted
pin: indie craft parade
skinnies: target
socks: target
shoes: thrifted (merona)

On Amby:
overalls: vintage/thrifted
shirt: gifted from Moma

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Blue Trick

So I was reading Life in Color and read something interesting about the color blue. They call it "the blue trick" and it kinda makes sense.

"When we're feeling tired, nervous, or just generally down in the dumps, we go to the closet and put on a blue shirt...Blue reminds us of the sky and the ocean, two endless expanses of beauty. Plus, the color seems to cool any redness in our faces -whether from a night out or a day in the sun- and enhances the whites of our eyes. Blue is consistently the number one selling color at American specialty stores."

So tomorrow, I might just try it! I have a presentation and I'm not exactly nervous. But sometimes arriving to class slightly jacked up on coffee feels the same as nervous.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Personal Style: Updating Your Closet

It takes time to make your wardrobe truly personal. It takes replacing pieces one by one until everything you wear, everything you own represents who you are.

We all have things that don't work for us in our wardrobes and we all need to do ourselves a favor and replace them. Don't you despise staring into your closet and seeing nothing you want to wear, then going to the dresser and it's the same story?

For most people the idea of replacing everything we don't like with stuff we do like is dauntingly expensive. So don't do it all at once. It may take a year or more to replace everything, but it's just an ongoing project.

Tips for Updating Your Closet:

1. Have a clear mental picture of what your ideal wardrobe would look like. I find it helpful to a have an inspiration source for my style. I used to just have a folder on my computer. Now- Pinterest!!! I love it because I can click through to the source of anything I like. That is so handy!(Email me if you need a pinterest invite because I have a few.)

2. Decide on a number of versatile garments that can translate into many looks. The perfect jean, the bold blazer, the little black dress. I have chunky, button-down sweaters (from Old Navy) in bright colors that I wear with different outfits at least every other day. See?

3. Have a list of what you need on-hand when you go shopping. Even if the list is in your head. Once you pitch those things you never wear or that just don't express you anymore, there are literal gaps in your closet. Put some thought into exactly what you want/need and let the hunt begin!

4. Replace the things you HATE right away. Find a trash bag and donate it today. Today. That khaki dress that's been hanging in my closet for a year and half- never worn- I'm taking my own advice and letting it go.
see my pinterest boards for these great looks and many more!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, So Good To Me

Today was great!

1) James and the kids went out for breakfast with my in-laws, leaving me alone to draw out some plans for paintings.

2) Then, the in-laws kept the kids while James went to work for 4 hours. I had so much time to myself--- drawing, cleaning house (yeah, lame, but it's fun when no one is around and Pandora is blasting Sally Seltmann Radio), watching Downton Abbey.

3) When James got off work, I met him at the gym and we had a good sauna together.

4) On the way to pick up the kids, I fantasised about tacos only to arrive and find my father-in-law making them! What?!

5) The kids actually went to bed just fine and James and I got some time to ourselves ;)

6) Tomorrow after school (and after picking up the kids- don't worry, Mama!) I am going to the library to pick up a bio of Zelda Fitzgerald and a really great movie:
from tumblr

The Way Back Machine

This post, Thanks For The Feedback, from last year is one of my favorites. In books you always wonder how people remember entire conversations. Well, I remembered this one because as it was occurring, I was thinking, "OMG, remember every word, Lily!"

Friday, January 20, 2012

Inspiration: Little Girl's Room

Fifi Lapin and Sonny Bunny Rabbit / Bespectacled Owl / Townscape / Garlands / Animals Print

Despite whatever pressure there is from various angles to give Beatrice an all out princess room? Not gonna happen. In fact, I don't even want her room to be overly girly. I want it to be sweet and simple with space and materials for her to be creative. I want her room to evolve along with her. Because hopefully, this is the room she grows up in- from toddler to child to teen!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I Wore: $2 Outfit

Okay, so I already had the shoes. But the skirt and blouse were both hanging out as neighbors on the $1 rack at Goodwill! I get really excited when I find pretty vintage things in my exact waist size: 26 inches. And the pockets on this skirt are such a nice touch.

The glasses were free from Coastal. You get your first pair free which I think is an AWESOME DEAL! There were so many frames to choose from that I spent a few days making my selection. Oh, and I want to get these ones for James. I just have to get his prescription from the eye doctor. Luckily, I thought to get mine on paper when I last got my eyes checked!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Mint

jeans: thrifted

Okay, so other than my dismally gray pajamas, it's starting to seem like everything I wear is some variety of either teal or pink. And actually, I'm okay with this. I mean, let me know if it's overkill and I'll switch out my teal purse for a yellow one.

Ladies, what did we do with ourselves before all these colorful jeans were readily available in every store!? Oh, yeah- we wore navy, a color that should be relegated to military use only. Seriously, I think I can officially say that I collect bright pants now!

CONFESSION: I watched the first episode of Downton Abbey tonight. No, I had never seen it before. Although, I kinda feel like I have because of how it has more or less taken over my tumblr dashboard (-am I alone in this?). Anyway- *like* BUT I already have too many TV shows and very little time for TV! United States of Tara is my go-to show right now because Toni Collette is amazing.

Enough rambling- the week is halfway gone! Time to make some weekend plans...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


In my Graphic Design 1 class, our first project is all about varieties of contrast: size, form, direction, anomaly, texture, etc. We have to come up with 9 designs involving only elements of type to express relationships of contrast and present them next Monday. All of our work has to be done on paper first so that we go to the computer with fully developed design ideas. Here's a peek at my sketchbook:
I'm over halfway there with my designs. Just re-drawing them so they are perfect because I'm ready to get to work on the computer! You guys, this stuff is FUN!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Personal Style: Measuring

I like to wear vintage clothes, especially dresses. In addition to combing local thrift stores, I scout for new looks online. Sellers often tell you the bust, waist and hip measurements in the listing, but they will give you more if you ask. Do you know your measurements? If not, keep reading :)
1. Bust:: Measure over the fullest part of the bust and then straight across the back.

2. Chest:: Measure around the body, directly under the arms and across top of the breasts.

3. Diaphragm:: Measure around the body, halfway between the bust and the waist.

4. Waist:: Measure the thinnest part of your torso.

5. High Hip:: Measure 2" to 4" below your waist over top of hip bones.

6. Full Hip:: Measure at the fullest part of your hips. Measure from waist to full hip to establish "hipline" which is usually 7" to 9" from waist.

7. Back Neck to Waist:: Measure from prominent neck bone down center back to waist.

8. Back Width:: Measure across back from arm crease to arm crease.

9. Front Neck to Waist:: Measure from hollow between neck bones to center front waistline.

10. Bust Point:: To establish position of bust point (this would be useful if you were making a dress with darts), measure from prominent back neck bone and over shoulder to bust point, and from bust point to center front waist. Record both measurements.

11. Shoulder:: Measure from base of neck to shoulder bone (hinge). (tip: Etsy sellers often list shoulder length by measure from top of sleeve to top of sleeve with the garment flat. You might want to just measure a garment that fits you correctly this way to get the measurement for online shopping.)

 12. Arm Length:: Measure from shoulder bone to elbow and on to wrist with arm slightly bent.

13. Arm Circumference:: Measure around fullest part of arm, often about an inch below the armpit.

14. Wrist Circumference:: Measure around wrist at bone.

15. Neck Circumference:: Measure fullest part of neck.

(tip: A lot of sellers measure the garments flat, so you have to double whatever they put for the waist, bust, hips.)

I recommend you keep a record of all of these measurements near your computer because many etsy sellers will not accept a return based on a bad fit. Having this resource makes online shopping so much easier.

For more tips on buying online check out Leigh Ann's series on Freckled Nest and this guide from Red Velvet.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


This happens every year or so for me. I get the sudden urge to get rid of basically all my hair. At this point it's between chin and shoulder length in a surprisingly versatile bob. I can do all kinds of things and I rarely have a bad hair day. My only reason to cut it would be my preference for shorter hair.

I like long hair. It is pretty and you can do braid crowns and top knots, curl it, straighten it, do one of those faux bobs. 

But it never works out for me. For other girls, having long hair is like having two arms, but for me it's like having three. Once I finally get to a "good" length, I feel limited and less confident. 

In the past, when I've gotten the urge, my hair has disappeared within a week. Right now, I can't decide...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Etsy Lust List

 I know this dress is dangerously ugly. But I think it's adorable and I know I could make it werk! Yes!
 So these shoes are handmade to order. They come in a lot of different colors, but I like this color the very best. So pretty- especially with those little lace socks. And for handmade to order shoes the price is incredibly reasonable.
 If I got this shirt for James, I would wear it every day. Perfect colors.
 I'm really loving space-age mod patterns these days. But would I ever find time to make this dress?
Luckily these mugs sold already. I don't need to be spending my money on things I already have. It was tempting though because then I would have a collection of three!
I am more or less certain that I will be buying and framing this print for Beatrice's room when we move. It's just the right color story...

Friday, January 13, 2012

A New Look

I am so thrilled to finally have a fresh, new blog design up! I'm a graphic design student and all, but I'm totally clueless when it comes to html. I got a little (okay a TON and a half of) help from Media Move. Thanks, Maia!

Check out my brand new navigation bar!


Inspiration: Lounge


So James will have a studio in the garage (which has been enclosed and finished as a 4th bedroom). It's really big and a little odd- perfect for a recording studio/creative space. I like the idea of a relaxed 70s feel, but it's ultimately up to James. He wants to have the walls red and I think this aesthetic would work just fine with nice warm walls.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What He Wore: Stripes

James wore this amazingly fabulous blazer on Christmas to the get-together with my side. (These pictures aren't from Christmas though.) It is a ladies blazer from the 1960s- aren't the colors great? The jeans were thrifted and decorated by Beatrice with crayon. The shoes are 60s era Hi Brows- very patriotic.

James isn't really the What He Wore type; He even blogged about it on his tumblr. I'm unsure, as usual, whether that semi-colon ought to be a full-on colon. Can never remember that rule! (internetting interlude)Turns out it should be a full-on colon, but I'm not going to change it. Instead, I shall now share rule 4, brought to us by Mr. Google: 

Rule 4

Use a colon instead of a semicolon between two sentences when the second sentence explains or illustrates the first sentence and no coordinating conjunction is being used to connect the sentences. If only one sentence follows the colon, do not capitalize the first word of the new sentence. If two or more sentences follow the colon, capitalize the first word of each sentence following.
I enjoy reading: novels by Kurt Vonnegut are among my favorites.
Garlic is used in Italian cooking: It greatly enhances the flavor of pasta dishes. It also enhances the flavor of eggplant.

So, I should have said:
James isn't really the What He Wore type: he even blogged about it on his tumblr.

Is that how you interpret the rule??

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heathers and Football

I'm not so much into football, but I love this top! It is a member of the elite Mint Collection. That doesn't mean anything. I just have a whole ton of minty colored vintage to reveal over the next few weeks and I've sort of thought of these pieces as the Heathers or something. It really is a special color!
 The following picture is pretty much a blurry mess, but aren't we all? 
Okay, so check out the listing for this hot little number. Going for only $10, folks! A pretty good deal for a 1980s slouchy crop-top in the prettiest color ever with a faded number that reminds you of your most awkward junior high self. 12, what an age to be. Glad that's over.