Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Blue Trick

So I was reading Life in Color and read something interesting about the color blue. They call it "the blue trick" and it kinda makes sense.

"When we're feeling tired, nervous, or just generally down in the dumps, we go to the closet and put on a blue shirt...Blue reminds us of the sky and the ocean, two endless expanses of beauty. Plus, the color seems to cool any redness in our faces -whether from a night out or a day in the sun- and enhances the whites of our eyes. Blue is consistently the number one selling color at American specialty stores."

So tomorrow, I might just try it! I have a presentation and I'm not exactly nervous. But sometimes arriving to class slightly jacked up on coffee feels the same as nervous.


  1. This is interesting because I find that blue really depresses me.

  2. I blue, myself. Until one of my shirts tore in what shall hereinafter be known as "the worst day ever," I always had two in the rotation because they are my favorites. I find myself always saving my blue shirts for days I know are going to be bad...never gave it any conscious thought though.

  3. Lily you look absolutely stunning in this! Your face is glowing, your hair just pops, and your eyes are vivid! You shd definitely wear more blue!!

  4. What a sweet dress - that color looks great on you!