Tuesday, January 3, 2012


This morning I took the kids out to my school where they will be in daycare. (I go to a nearby location of the state university which has a child development center for the children of students.) It'll only be on Wednesdays and only through the Spring Term. But still. Daycare.

We visited the facilities and the kids met their teachers. Beatrice is really lucky because her teacher, Miss Ashley, is a friend of mine from Converse-- We were in the same dorm!

Ambrose did a lot better than I expected: no tears.

I have so many various little concerns about this! Will Bea adapt to the three year old room? Will she use the big girl potty by herself without being reminded to pull up her pants? Will my little one year old man stay on his mat during nap time?

And the main one: Will I be able to afford it!? Today the director let me know that the fee will be $20 MORE per day than what she previously quoted! All the reduced rate slots for low-income students filled up. I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed and stressed about this.

It'll just have to be a make-it-work semester.


  1. It will totally be worth it, chin up x

  2. This stinks. Those thoughts have always crossed my mind when starting a new daycare. It blows...mine have been in daycare most of their childhood and I will never get used to it. Enjoying your blog! Came over from A is for Ampersand.