Sunday, January 8, 2012

How To: Make a Lace Bow

With items you most likely have already, you can easily make these cute little bows! Such tiny hair accessories are adorable and the pop of a bright color can make any day a good hair day. Well, maybe. Not always true for me, I guess.

You will need:
scissors, some lace or ribbon, embroidery thread, bobbie pins

Cut a length of lace just a few inches long:

Cut a length of thread as well:

Fold the lace into a short rectangle:

Center the thread under the folded lace:

Wind the thread around the lace, carefully seeing that the thread does not come off-center and the lace does not unfold:

Tie off the thread:

Trim the thread:

Slip the bobbie pin through the thread on the knotted side of the bow.

Repeat until you have a few and put them someplace cute until you are ready to wear them!


  1. How cute !I'm definitely doing this !

  2. So cute! I have tons of old lace and these would make great presents for the little girls (or big ones :) in my life! Thanks for sharing!