Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Little Mint

jeans: thrifted

Okay, so other than my dismally gray pajamas, it's starting to seem like everything I wear is some variety of either teal or pink. And actually, I'm okay with this. I mean, let me know if it's overkill and I'll switch out my teal purse for a yellow one.

Ladies, what did we do with ourselves before all these colorful jeans were readily available in every store!? Oh, yeah- we wore navy, a color that should be relegated to military use only. Seriously, I think I can officially say that I collect bright pants now!

CONFESSION: I watched the first episode of Downton Abbey tonight. No, I had never seen it before. Although, I kinda feel like I have because of how it has more or less taken over my tumblr dashboard (-am I alone in this?). Anyway- *like* BUT I already have too many TV shows and very little time for TV! United States of Tara is my go-to show right now because Toni Collette is amazing.

Enough rambling- the week is halfway gone! Time to make some weekend plans...


  1. That's pretty much a perfect outfit on you - how can you bear to part with that top?

  2. Teal, yes. Pink, yes, Toni Collette, yes. Downtown Abbey, I have to get onto that shit! I am soooo far behind in the cool TV watching stakes. Always up for more suggestions. Just finished SOA season 4, everyone else hates it...but Katey Segal is just rockin in it....oh yeah and that Opie guy. I love me a man with a beard.
    toni xo