Monday, January 2, 2012

Personal Style: Fun with Shapes

One of the most important things to consider when dressing is your silhouette. Know your shape and find clothes that flatter you! Use shapes to accentuate your best features and camouflage the ones you wish to hide.

Do you like wearing dresses? There are many styles to choose from: Experiment! Try out the classics and try out something new. There are so many fashion trends at any given time that you are sure to find something that looks great on you and you feel like yourself in.

Here is a breakdown of the shapes in the graphic above. Remember that these are conventional guidelines. Rules are meant to be broken.

Top row from left:
-Asymmetrical Closing or Wrap-Around. Regardless of height, this shape should flatter a large framed figure and girls with large bosoms.
-Low Waist. This shape flatters girls with either a short or long waist.
-A-Line. This is a classic, favorite shape as it gives you a smooth feminine silhouette. It is particularly flattering if you have a large bosom, short waist, long waist and/or large frame.
-Shirtwaist. This looks great if you are skinny with a small bosom or large framed with a large bosom.

Middle row from left:
-Shift. This shape looks great if you have a large bosom, are short waisted or long waisted. However, girls who are skinny should avoid this shape.
-Princess. If you are short waisted with a large frame, this is the shape for you.
-Tent. Wear this shape if you are skinny with a small bosom, but avoid it if you have narrow shoulders.
-Sheath. This shape looks great on girls with large bosoms, but avoid it if you also have large hips. (Disregard if you are Christina Hendricks because conventional rules do not apply to you.)

Bottom row from left:
-Blouson. This shape flatter girls with large bosoms as well as skinny girls. However if you are short and short waisted with a small bosom, this shape should be avoided.
-Tunic. This shape is not particularly flattering, but it does look better on tall girls.
-Empire: This shape is most flattering on short girls with small bosoms. If you are tall with large bosoms, broad shoulders and a large frame, this shape should be avoided. (This includes you, Christina Hendricks.)
-Yoke. This shape is said to look best on skinny girls with small bosoms, but for some reason, my husband doesn't seem to find it attractive on me. (?)

What shapes do you find yourself drawn to most often? Are they the shapes convention says you look good in?


  1. You're right, normal rules do not apply to Christina Hendricks!

    My absolute favourite kind of dress is short-sleeved, fitted to the waist, with a full skirt: the classic 1950s shape. I am convinced it suits everyone, and swishing a full skirt is guaranteed to make you feel ladylike, whatever the occasion :)

  2. YES! I wore that style over the holidays and felt so girly. It was a shirt waist dress with a full skirt to the knee. Perfecto.

  3. I've discovered (rather late in the game) that wrap dresses are AMAZING for me. They're the perfect amount of give/coverage for my lower half but they're also flexible enough to be fitted on my upper half. WIN.

  4. What if you're a tall girl with big hips? I couldn't find that on the list... Although I usually wear princess and sheath style dresses.