Monday, January 9, 2012

Personal Style: Unmentionables

By unmentionables, I mean undergarments. They should fit right, be comfortable and do their job: Support!

When you purchase a new garment, do you think about what you will wear under it? Do you have a  variety in your lingerie drawer? I tend not to think of underneaths as fashion because no one will ever see them (except James), but they are the foundation to everything we wear and they determine whether our clothes will look right.

Beyond the basics, I added some items to my closet in the past year that I can't imagine living without now. I can wear strapless, backless dresses/tops and still have sufficient support. Previously I thought only perky, non-mothers could wear those! It's basically a backless, strapless bra that extends down to the waist with ribbing for support. Also, I found a pair of vintage slip-shorts in baby blue. Best thing ever. They are pretty, short and discrete and I am modest No Matter What. (I also now own a girdle and I love it.)

Do you have clothes that you have never worn because you don't have the right unmentionables? Time to shop!

Make sure that your undergarments are the correct size! A well fit bra should be comfortable and give you a nice contour. It shouldn't cause any bulges across your back or under your arms and it shouldn't ride up if you lift your arms. It absolutely shouldn't interfere with your breathing. In fact, you should be able to comfortably slide your finger under the band.

Regardless of your size, try out a girdle. It will refine your curves and give your silhouette a smooth look. It's okay if you call me old-fashioned.

One more thing: Beyond being practical and necessary, undergarments that are attractive and neat will boost your morale. Invest in little lovelies for your own sake.


  1. All hail the slip! I now own three and I wear them all the time! I live in permanent fear of VPL. And I completely agree, there is no excuse for boring underwear, and having nice undies makes you feel nice :)

  2. LOL- VPL. I know what you mean! Having kids makes it worse because theres more for the elastic to cushion into...