Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pink Hair: Edgy with a Side of Nerd

I love pink hair paired with dark femme looks. The last picture reminds me of a modern day Anne of Green Gables. (I never read those books. Are you shocked and horrified?) I found all these pictures on tumblr. If you are on there, I will follow you.  Just let me know! There are tons and tons of colorful hair pictures, but far too many of them show silly duck-faced girls. Ick. Don't worry, I plumbed the depths -is that the expression- to find some really good ones to share here. This is a duck-face free zone, y'all.


  1. Pink hair is great! I had pink hair once, right now it's a lavender/mauve color. You would look great with pink tips!

  2. Should I have made you read those books? Anyway-maybe you cd add some to your tips as Britt suggests? Also-didn't catch the nerd bit.

  3. next time you get sick start reading them (green gables and avonlea). (I believe in 'sick' books, easy reads that I enjoyed as a kiddo and have read many times). Anyways, they're totally delightful.
    ... oh, I'm a sucker for pink hair as well!