Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, Sunday, So Good To Me

Today was great!

1) James and the kids went out for breakfast with my in-laws, leaving me alone to draw out some plans for paintings.

2) Then, the in-laws kept the kids while James went to work for 4 hours. I had so much time to myself--- drawing, cleaning house (yeah, lame, but it's fun when no one is around and Pandora is blasting Sally Seltmann Radio), watching Downton Abbey.

3) When James got off work, I met him at the gym and we had a good sauna together.

4) On the way to pick up the kids, I fantasised about tacos only to arrive and find my father-in-law making them! What?!

5) The kids actually went to bed just fine and James and I got some time to ourselves ;)

6) Tomorrow after school (and after picking up the kids- don't worry, Mama!) I am going to the library to pick up a bio of Zelda Fitzgerald and a really great movie:
from tumblr