Sunday, January 15, 2012


This happens every year or so for me. I get the sudden urge to get rid of basically all my hair. At this point it's between chin and shoulder length in a surprisingly versatile bob. I can do all kinds of things and I rarely have a bad hair day. My only reason to cut it would be my preference for shorter hair.

I like long hair. It is pretty and you can do braid crowns and top knots, curl it, straighten it, do one of those faux bobs. 

But it never works out for me. For other girls, having long hair is like having two arms, but for me it's like having three. Once I finally get to a "good" length, I feel limited and less confident. 

In the past, when I've gotten the urge, my hair has disappeared within a week. Right now, I can't decide...


  1. Cut,Cut,Cut,Cut!!!!

  2. Cut & take Biotin to speed up growth :D

  3. Oh, I am forever debating the same issue! But since I've had jaw-length hair for YEARS I am now determinedly growing it. I must grow it to chest length before I'm allowed to chop it all off again. That is the rule.

    I think you could definitely rock a pixie crop, though :)

  4. I say keep the hair! So much more fun things to do with it!!!

  5. With you on this for sure! I do the exact same thing all the time, not just at this time of year! I have this urge all the time to cut my hair and then I think, no don't do it, you can at least put it in a pony tail if you have a bad hair day! But I do like short hair, it really showcases a face and there's nothing like being proud of your face :) I'm going to wait and see what you do to make my decision, hate to put the pressure on you...heeheehee!