Thursday, January 19, 2012

What I Wore: $2 Outfit

Okay, so I already had the shoes. But the skirt and blouse were both hanging out as neighbors on the $1 rack at Goodwill! I get really excited when I find pretty vintage things in my exact waist size: 26 inches. And the pockets on this skirt are such a nice touch.

The glasses were free from Coastal. You get your first pair free which I think is an AWESOME DEAL! There were so many frames to choose from that I spent a few days making my selection. Oh, and I want to get these ones for James. I just have to get his prescription from the eye doctor. Luckily, I thought to get mine on paper when I last got my eyes checked!


  1. Great scores with the skirt and top, both will be so handy and versatile. I'm off to thrift this morning.

  2. wow, $2...where i come from thrift stores and goodwill aren't as common and getting a (wearable) outfit that cheap sounds like a dream come true.
    happy thursday!

  3. Just $2?? I love skirts with pockets and those glasses look great. The whole outfit looks great in general but I just love the glasses.

    xo Amber P.

  4. Love this outfit almost as much as I love the $2 deal!!!