Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brother Clothes

This is so exciting! I've been saving this outfit for Ambrose for so super long and now it finally fits him! I made Bea wear it one day when Am was still cooking just to imagine what my son might look like. This is Beatrice:
And here is Ambrose this morning:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Blog to Love

I stumbled across this blog the other day and more or less fell in love. How did I not find it sooner?

Vegan Housewives has recipes, DIYs, fashion, giveaways and product reviews for the environmentally conscious homemaker. It is right up my alley in other words.

Oh, yeah -and great style.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Gimme Fashion: Gorman

Here is some fashion that I saw over on Miss Moss the other day. Totally love these looks. So I wouldn't wear every piece, but there's so much mix-and-matchableness here that it is truly inspiring.
All the pants in the last set are great. Almost leggings (which don't work for me) but not quite. They would look great under mini-dresses, no? Now, as with most fashion, these are price prohibitive, but you still might want to check out the dresses. Especially if you sew.

One more thing: polka dotted socks with platform sandals.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

11 Things

So Moorea did this 11 Questions post and invited her readers to answer the following. If you join the party, let me know!

11 Questions: 
1. Who do you feel most similar to in your family and why? Hmmm, probably my little sister Emma because we both have a problem in the vanity department. Reality check!

2. What do you wish you could say to yourself at age 13? You will meet him when you are only 19. He will love you and understand you and give you diamonds and pretty babies. He will make you happy.

3. How do you treat yo self? Any of these.

4. How do you try to improve yourself? I pray. And I try to be honest with myself about my weaknesses.

5. What/Where is your favorite place to go in your town/city? Anywhere with James.

6. What was your first job? Well, before any real job, I used to clean for my grandmother. She would check my work with a white glove. You may not be able to tell from visiting my house, but I do know how to clean.

7. What was your worst job? Telemarketing. 3 days and I quit.

8. What are you proud of in yourself? Going back to school. It is so hard! My life is really busy, but I know it is worth it and I will be very satisfied once I have my degree!

9. Do you have a guilty pleasure? Watching TV. I know I shouldn't feel guilty, but it is a waste of time.

10. Who inspires you right now? Sharon Needles!

11. What is something that you wish you could have made, invented, created or designed and why? I wish that I had the skill and training of the Renaissance painters. I am studying them in Art History right now and I just get chills when I look at some of those paintings! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Lovely

I'm really loving this song these days! It is super easy to play, but I dare you to attempt to learn all the millions of lyrics. (Did Wes Anderson introduce you to this song in Darjeeling Ltd or are you hipper than I am?)

Playing guitar has become a fairly important part of my life lately. It is so relaxing during these hectic midterms.

School could easily have me stressed to the max. But it doesn't. I balance it with all my other responsibilities and it just becomes one more thing. The thing I do after the kids are asleep.

Better get back to work now.

(P.S. Spring Break is coming up pretty soon and rumor has it that the latest Darger album is waiting in the wings to burst forth in all its catchy popness.)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'd Rather Boogie Than Try To Fit In

So I wear bright colors, no secret there. Well, the other day in Graphic Design class, my teacher (probably the BEST teacher I've ever had and for whom this post by no means indicates a diminished regard) looked at me and said pointedly, "In the industry, most graphic designers generally wear black so that their clothes do not distract from their work and so their work speaks for itself."

And I was all:

Then the next time class met we had a presentation. I wore black and werked it, baby!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bea's Specs

They are toddler sized bi-focals and so adorable. BUT I don't let her wear them because they could damage her eyes from the strain. She found them at a thrift store and insisted upon adding them to her dress-ups. I also don't let her play with that camera, but she doesn't mind because she knows it is special. See those Mary and Laura braids Bea is wearing? Every day. And we talk about Mary and Laura while I do her hair. I totally and completely love being a mama.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Personal Style 101: ELYCIA on Colour!

Hi, I'm elycia from the blog ♥elycia and in case you don't know me I am a vintage loving cat lady living in a cute house on a quiet street with my husband and our two sweet kitties. Oh ya, and I am obsessed with colour. Wow, that felt like the beginning of a "My Strange Addiction" episode.
I have always been drawn to colour and colourful clothes. When I was young I wore neon like nobody's business. I even had three different coloured pairs of neon slouch socks that I would mix and match so that I would be wearing two different coloured neon slouch socks. I kind of wish I could say that this is just something I made up to be funny but I am very serious. I don't have a photo of the slouch socks to show you but I do have this equally fancy photo of a lovely red ensemble.
When I was in high school my favourite outfit was this pair of extremely wide leg red pants, a bright blue shirt and just in case that wasn't enough colour, a zip up rainbow sweater. Oh and I was probably wearing bright green shoes or something equally as ridiculous. I still have that rainbow sweater...
I definitely have days where I feel like being more neutral but in general I love having multiple pops of colour in my outfit. If you are a bit nervous about colour but really want to start playing with it I would recommend starting by introducing one colourful piece into your outfit. Accessories are a good way to start. You could start with something as little as earrings, a bracelet or a necklace. Colourful clothing can be intimidating but colourful jewelry is a good way to ease yourself in.
Vintage scarves are another good starting point. They are pretty and can really brighten up an outfit and make it more fun!
Are you a colour lover or does looking at my outfits make you break out in a sweat if you imagine yourself in it? If you are nervous about colour give it a try and let me know how you liked it!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pink Hair: Pastels and Peek-a-Boos

Someone said it seemed like I really want to go pink. I kinda do, but I don't want to upkeep or the limitations. I just live vicariously through my blog. :)

I've been getting these pink hair images form tumblr. You can find them easily by searching the Pink Hair tag -there are lots more!!. Are you on tumblr? I will follow you!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


 This pretty tea towel is so lovely. The shop has a number of neat prints and notecards... 
 Well, it's not my size. But this tutu dress is gorgeous. I have a dress like this for my Barbies.
 Aahhh- moccasins! Want/needsies!
Did you see this on the front page of etsy today? It is a stationary set and the postage is already there for you AND it is kitchy vintage postage! What a neat idea.
 Super short shorts. Very pretty, but in all honestly, entirely too short for the likes of me. 
Sadly, this mug has already sold. I am collecting pedestal mugs and this would have been a charming addition to my set.

Friday, February 17, 2012

This Week We

-read lots of stories
-learned about Generous and Selfish
-practiced saying "Phineas" but Am thinks it's Francis which we also like 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awkward, but Bright

sweater: thrifted
jeans: tj maxx
shoes: ebay

I am going to an interview this morning. (This is NOT my job interview outfit!) Despite the fact that I am a graphic design student, I did not have a portfolio prepared when I got the call yesterday. So last night I whipped one up. You may imagine that I am dying of nerves, but I'm not. This is how it works in a small town: you know someone and they know someone and maybe you get the job, maybe you don't. If yes, I'll be thrilled. If not, they'll still be top of my list of party guests. :)

Greenville, SC is not technically a small town, more of a small city. But we're all having "wow, it's such a small world" moments all the time so it may as well be. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Acid Washed

This jacket is just silly! I love it so much even though James thinks I'm crazy. 

Yesterday was James' and my 6th wedding anniversary. We didn't really see much of each other because he had to work 7am-9pm, but it was still special. We've come so far in these years of marriage- from relocation to extreme family issues to having children of our own. It seems like so long and at the same time like we've only just started!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bea, My Valentine!

There is rampant dishonesty in this post, cute as it may be: That's actually Amby's card and those are my chocolates. Bea is not my Valentine, James is. But it still made for an adorable photoshoot this morning when I told her all about what day it is.