Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'd Rather Boogie Than Try To Fit In

So I wear bright colors, no secret there. Well, the other day in Graphic Design class, my teacher (probably the BEST teacher I've ever had and for whom this post by no means indicates a diminished regard) looked at me and said pointedly, "In the industry, most graphic designers generally wear black so that their clothes do not distract from their work and so their work speaks for itself."

And I was all:

Then the next time class met we had a presentation. I wore black and werked it, baby!


  1. I wouldn't have thought of it that way! XD

  2. Seriously the greatest post of all time. I can't tell you how much I love RuPaul. It's really embarrassing. But not because Rupaul is a total BAMF. Girl, you bettah WORK!

  3. That's a really interesting point of view... although, i don't see why your attire AND your work can't speak for itself??? hmmm, something to think about.

    1. I totally agree. It's the whole package!

  4. I can kind of see what they are saying but also I think your attire would reflect to customers your style and personality.

    xo Amber P.

  5. I agree with the above: surely your whole persona represents your work? Maybe if you were hired for a boring corporate design job, you should dress the part...but hopefully it won't come to that! I'm sure you are smart enough to dress appropriately for business meetings anyway. It's something I struggle with constantly: finding work-appropriate clothes which still reflect my style and don't make me feel like I'm wearing a costume!