Saturday, February 18, 2012


 This pretty tea towel is so lovely. The shop has a number of neat prints and notecards... 
 Well, it's not my size. But this tutu dress is gorgeous. I have a dress like this for my Barbies.
 Aahhh- moccasins! Want/needsies!
Did you see this on the front page of etsy today? It is a stationary set and the postage is already there for you AND it is kitchy vintage postage! What a neat idea.
 Super short shorts. Very pretty, but in all honestly, entirely too short for the likes of me. 
Sadly, this mug has already sold. I am collecting pedestal mugs and this would have been a charming addition to my set.


  1. I love vintage stamps! Whenever I see them I always want to buy them. The mug is also quite pretty!

  2. oh yeah, that mug is delicious! love the tea towel too.x

  3. So many items to love!!! You have wonderful taste!


  4. love these!!! I've always wanted moccasins like that :)