Monday, February 20, 2012

Personal Style 101: ELYCIA on Colour!

Hi, I'm elycia from the blog ♥elycia and in case you don't know me I am a vintage loving cat lady living in a cute house on a quiet street with my husband and our two sweet kitties. Oh ya, and I am obsessed with colour. Wow, that felt like the beginning of a "My Strange Addiction" episode.
I have always been drawn to colour and colourful clothes. When I was young I wore neon like nobody's business. I even had three different coloured pairs of neon slouch socks that I would mix and match so that I would be wearing two different coloured neon slouch socks. I kind of wish I could say that this is just something I made up to be funny but I am very serious. I don't have a photo of the slouch socks to show you but I do have this equally fancy photo of a lovely red ensemble.
When I was in high school my favourite outfit was this pair of extremely wide leg red pants, a bright blue shirt and just in case that wasn't enough colour, a zip up rainbow sweater. Oh and I was probably wearing bright green shoes or something equally as ridiculous. I still have that rainbow sweater...
I definitely have days where I feel like being more neutral but in general I love having multiple pops of colour in my outfit. If you are a bit nervous about colour but really want to start playing with it I would recommend starting by introducing one colourful piece into your outfit. Accessories are a good way to start. You could start with something as little as earrings, a bracelet or a necklace. Colourful clothing can be intimidating but colourful jewelry is a good way to ease yourself in.
Vintage scarves are another good starting point. They are pretty and can really brighten up an outfit and make it more fun!
Are you a colour lover or does looking at my outfits make you break out in a sweat if you imagine yourself in it? If you are nervous about colour give it a try and let me know how you liked it!


  1. Fun! I love Elycia's clothes. =] I really like color, but sometimes find myself in lots of black and gray. Depends on my mood!

  2. The other day I felt like blending in and not being the oddball-- BUT I had nothing normal to wear! O.o

  3. Great post from Elycia! Colour can be intimidating, so that's great advice to introduce it gradually!

  4. Great post! I love Elycia :) But those shoes in the last pic really steal the show :)