Monday, March 26, 2012

8 1/2

This is a painting I did over the weekend. I named it after a Fellini film because that's the mental connection I get from the dress. Huh?

Anyway, as you can see, my children are only half dressed and I can assure you that my house is a mess. Despite this, my floor shines thanks to the scrub down it got the other nights after this adventure.

This painting was all kinds of fun, but it took some time! Today, I entered it into the student show at school. Maybe it will be accepted!


  1. Wow, it's an amazing piece!!

  2. I love it! Is it a self portrait? Good luck with the show!

  3. I like your style! So the ones over the mantle are yours too. Awesome!

  4. That is pretty much spectacular. You are amazing.

  5. HECK YES! THIS IS WONDERFUL!!! love love love it! (i also love that i can see your pencil graph, i also graph out my workspace before i paint).

  6. I love this painting! Its gorgeous. Your kids are also absolutely adorable.

  7. Painting is radder than rad lady! I think you should win the student competition! Hey, this question is slightly off topic, but are the photos of the kids purposely not showing their faces? I've had a few questions from readers asking why I don't feature my son on my blog and it's because I want to protect him I guess, he isn't old enough to make up his own mind about being part of it so until he is, he remains the silent, sweet little partner in the Lost Cabin. ....I was wondering if you kind of think the same way?
    toni xo

    1. Nah, that's just how I happened to style this post. But they are definitely on here sometimes. I respect your approach though and I am sure your little one will thank you!