Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Miss Franklin

There is a park near where we live called McPherson Park, but my favorite little girl calls it Miss Franklin's. And she begs to go there everyday. It really is a good park with a playground in the middle of a sunny, mulchy expanse, a covered picnic area and proximity to downtown. There is also part of the Reedy River going through the park.

Yesterday Bea walked right into the river. Shoes and all. And sat down.

It reminded me so much of how it feels to be a child. Something looks like it would be fun, so you do it! It doesn't matter that you will be wet for the rest of the time you are out or that next time you go out your carseat will still be wet. In fact, those things don't cross your mind. There is only the cool water on you and the warm sun and the freedom of being young.

Please also enjoy the pictures of my mantle, which I have wanted to share for awhile but lacked a context. Who needs a context anyway?


  1. So pretty. I love the color block paintings :)

  2. Loving the pictures!

    Those were the days. Miss being so little sometimes.

    Yeah, you don't need a context! :D Pictures by itself are lovely!

  3. Such a cute story! I hope she always stays that headstrong and unafraid :)