Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter, Part I

The kids spent the night with their grandfolks last night, so James and I had a party! We wii danced like a bunch of fools and broke our fast and had dark wine with some of our favorite people. There are pictures, but they are far from flattering. 

James and I slept in. It is an amazing thing to wake naturally at 8:16 in a quiet house. I made coffee and started the long, arduous process of putting myself together. (I wish it was like in olden [Marie Antoinette] times when visitors called on ladies while they were in their toilettes [dressing rooms, not bathrooms] and everyone caught up on gossip and had their hair done and faces applied like that.) It doesn't really take that long, but Easter is special. 

I wanted to go to Mass, but instead went to the Presbyterian service. It was lovely. I think I was a little overdressed in a full length lace-over-satin gown amidst a crowd of cotton and denim. But for Jesus, on the day of His resurrection? I will wear my finest. (even when I go to church alone)
dress: vintage/thrifted
shoes: target


  1. You look lovely, my lady!

  2. You look pretty as a picture, and I agree with you: if you can't dress up for church on Easter Sunday then by golly, when can you?! Some people have no sense of occasion!

    Although if I had a dress as pretty as that I'd probably wear it everywhere :)