Sunday, April 22, 2012

Homework Date, plus a recipe

Last night my friend Beth came over and we Werked, with a capital W and with an e, so you know how serious we were. The evening involved a good deal of paint and conversation, a bit of swearing and a bit of a mess. Oh, and cocktails. Of course those. We used what was on hand.

The Cherry Navel

you will need:
-peach schnapps
-cherry juicy juice

Fill your glass half full of ice. Fill one quarter up with vodka, one quarter schnapps and juice to the top. Stir with the blade of your sharpest knife. You may use any knife, of course, but a sharper one is a charm for ease of study, apropos for a homework night.


  1. Love it! You will be a cocktail mixing master (or mistress? madam? vixen? [that kind of rhymes!]) before you know it :)

  2. I sure hope so, super fun and a lot less stressful than school...