Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20th

Today is my own very much birthday. And so far so good!

Last night when I sat down to paint, I realized that I didn't have enough titanium white to do a darn thing, so I switched to gouache. Good idea, you guys! I am really excited about the painting that I am working on now. And who cares if all those famous artists only used gouache for studies: I saw a gouache Picasso at the High.

Also, Mama gave me three new fiesta plates for my collection (turquoise, scarlet, lemon). And my friend Josh gifted me the entire discography of a band that is right up my alley: Tennis.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! :) Happy Painting!! :)
    xo Jenny

  2. Happy birthday! I hope somebody made you a cake!

    I like Tennis, too :)