Sunday, May 13, 2012

To My Own Mama

Mama is a homemaker. This is something I took for granted until I had my own home to make. A home is a place you want to come back to, where you feel absolutely comfortable, where you belong. Mama has a knack for this. Even though I haven't lived at Irene for 8 years, it still feels like home. But mostly when Mama is there. 

My mama is funny and intelligent. She has a great appreciation for scholastics which she passed on to all of her children, even Reuben. She also instilled manners and respect in all of us, even if some of us choose to rebel. She taught us Latin and some French, a ton of History and some Mathematics here and there and gave us Music lessons. She taught us all how to read and to love books.

Mama always prays for us, especially when we think we don't need it.


  1. This makes me cry! Praise God for good mamas!

  2. Wow, your babies look just like you! Happy Mothers' Day :)