Saturday, June 30, 2012

What I Wore :: Gym Edition

Last night, we saw Moonrise Kingdom. So now I have to tuck my shirts in for awhile. Gosh, I love Wes Anderson. He really hits the mark. The children in the movie are in a golden bubble of innocence where everything is simple and sweet -even when they think their little messes are insurmountable. Meanwhile the adults' lives really are in a torrent!

Moonrise Kingdom is absolutely Anderson. For all those people who say that they just don't get Life Aquatic and thought it was terrible, don't even bother with this. It felt like Anderson really embraced his idiosyncratic pacing for once. I mean, he uses these long, slow shots in his other movies, but in this one they are central to how the story is told. It might get old if you were impatient or not a fan. I though it was brilliant.

There's not as much of the franticness of Darjeeling Ltd. or Fantastic Mister Fox. A slight relief.

The casting was so good that I forgot to mind that there were no Wilson brothers.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Room Tour :: Ambrose's Nursery

Just because I'm showing it, doesn't mean it's done. This room needs some help here and there, but it is already very sweet and quite inviting. The whole wall next to his bed is huge and empty, begging for a mural or quirky wallpaper. 

When James was a kid, he had this room and it was all jungle themed. I may have to go through some albums from his childhood to get inspiration...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Letter From Hudson

Hey Lily, thanks ever muchly for letter, news and the excitement such notes doth bring and give and whatnot. Beatrice talking?! Wow! Makes me want to see ya an her an e'r'one. Sounds as though y'all are K. New address? Hope it is as pretty as it looks on envelope.
So the vegan has gone viral? I don't eat much meat, but I'd have a hard time of it w/o butter in my daily oatmeal. An' I love sour cream in beans. Meat is a luxury I enjoy when I go to Chris an' Torula's for dins (as I will t'night).
Speaking of C + T, they have been great this year as friends, neighbors and employers. They are receptive to ideas and suggestions in work and play both of which are in no short order.
The fall and winter passed w/ me working at The Irish Pub on Washington street in downtown L and renting with a few other younguns 15 mins outside of town. I got good an' burned out on partying and am grateful to be alive, sober and intentional. Still, as Oscar the Wilde said "moderation in all things, including moderation."
So how's (James)? An your son, Ambrose? Tell me boring things that hardly seem worth writing about your life down there b/c they are jus' routine; I'll be grateful for news.
It was really sweet of you to git in touch, Lily.
Love you,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Wore :: Dune Edition

This outfit is inspired by Dune: khaki and orange for the sand and sun of the desert planet, blue for the spice melange. Oh, and an awesome prop, huh? (THANK YOU, JOSH!)

If you ever see me wear khaki again, please slap me in the face. It is not to be tolerated. In fact, you can slap me for this time. I deserve it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hey, I did it! After a good deal of research and with the help of an expert, I took the plunge. 

Somehow, I feel like it's a better reflection of my charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to have red hair. It is a wild, fiery red. It is more of a ginger, in-your-face redhead red than a mature auburn. My natural high and low lights remain so that it looks more believable. 

We (Lucy and I) used the L'Oreal dye for dark hair. I need to get some color safe products because now I feel like it's going to fade if I look at it...

Any tips for the upkeep?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Block Party

So I read an article about over sharenting. You know, how as parents we maybe over share our children on the internet and maybe it's an invasion of their privacy. I agree that in some cases it may be over done. But I love my blog so much more when these pretty children hang out here with us. I mean, look at my little man's adorable face! I've missed having him around. 

Welcome back, kid.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Athfest 2012!

I was SOOOO excited a month or so ago when I found out that Elf Power and Five Eight would not only be playing Athfest, but it would be free and they would be back to back! Athfest is a live music festival in downtown Athens, GA. That's like an hour and a half away from us.

My folks watched our kids. Cooper and Ali came with us. Coop is my brother and the two of them are just about to have a baby. I was so happy that they came with us- it was a last minute decision.

We had a great time. I love Elf Power! We stood in the very front. There were a few guys from of Montreal playing with them and they played almost only songs we knew. Five Eight kicked it as usual. So much energy.

After those shows, we slipped into a little sci-fi diner for burgers. They had vegan options for Coop and Ali. I had a seared tuna burger. James had a normal burger. Yums all around.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Paradise Lounge

So this is the video I mentioned. It is a song from my second album, Darger II, which is currently out of print. It was only ever issued on cassette anyway. 

What do you think?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making Messes

I mean, dresses. Making dresses. This one was so super easy and quick to make that I think I may just have to do a tutorial. I didn't have a pattern, just a measuring tape. It's made out of an old bedsheet. I ordered some jumbo wooden buttons for the closure. Imagine four. I'm not sure if the 70s tie is my style, but it works for now.

There's something a little sexy to me about a dress made from an old bedsheet. I mean, who knows how many people over the decades have done who knows what on it and here I am traipsing around like it's appropriate. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Wore :: How I Shop

dress :: thrifted
necklace :: francesca
socks :: stolen from sister
shoes :: target
glassess :: coastal
belt :: from another dress

This dress, sadly, has a terrible sun stain on the left shoulder. It is all faded and pinkish. But I bought it anyway. Mostly because with all the stripes and contrast, you don't really notice the flaw. I don't anyway. 

Someone said recently that she really liked all my cool vintage/thrifted clothes and she wished she could still dress cool, but now that she has kids she is so busy that she doesn't have the time. It made me think:

1) I am also a mother and quite busy. 

2) I don't spend any more time seeking out clothes than I would if I tried to dress normal. In fact, I think it would take me longer. Here is why: James and I shop for clothes at thrift stores because that is what we can afford. And it just so happens that Goodwill is a treasure trove. It is Christmas. It has a dollar rack of clothes that normal people don't like, clothes that were made for me. 

Then if I do actually get something new, it's still from the clearance rack. Like those shoes. It doesn't take longer to find sales if you don't ever look at full priced merchandise. 

I bought the necklace full price. Because 18 dollars is a small price to pay for one's heart's desire. :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New New New in Shop Shop Shop

I'm being so unselfish right now, offering up these morsels of great-beauty-ness. That pink dress? It is to die for. The last picture? It is a mix and match lot of dresses/jackets. Six looks. Then there are a couple of Mary and Laura prairie dresses that James thinks are gawdawful, but really they are secretly amazing.

Check it out. And don't forget that TINYSPECIAL is a coupon code for 15% off and READER gets you free shipping. Your choice.

Monday, June 18, 2012

What I Wore :: Sassysquatch

Is the weekend over already? It felt like it was never even here! Our Father's Day weekend was so super busy, especially for James:

-A water pipe busted and we were living dry for a few days. James fixed it. He spent most of Friday in the yard, digging, replacing pipe, doing yard-work. All this after he got home from his normal work day job.

-On Saturday, James did house maintenance stuff with his dad. (I like it when he wears his handyman belt ;) Then he went to a show after the kids went to bed. I stayed home and read Dune.

-For Father's Day, James wanted time by himself to play music. So the kids and I were out all day. We went to church and then they napped at my folks' house.

-This evening, James went to our friend Josh's house for a movie or two. A movie and a half. Something. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I made a 1920's inspired music video that I cannot wait to show you!

shirt: threadless*
pants: gifted
shoes: thrifted
glasses: coastal
pin: Xingu c/o Jake Xingu

*the shirt has a speech bubble that says "shake ya ass"

Saturday, June 16, 2012

No Phone

Now I am free. 

About a month ago I started identifying areas of stress in my life and systematically eradicating them. This was one of the last to go: my cell phone. And in a way, this was the hardest, considering how central a phone is to the modern lifestyle. Most of my friends have smart phones with internet and what a great distraction it is to have total access to everything all the time and it fits in your pocket. What a convenience. 

BUT my phone was nothing but a source of stress, guilt and anxiety for me. It took me a long time to admit that to myself. But I'm glad I did and I'm glad to be rid of it.

If you really need -or just want- to get in touch with me, I'm online. And you can always just stop by. I'll mix you a cocktail.

image: Cindy Sherman, Untitled #90
"You said you would call and I stayed by the phone..."

Friday, June 15, 2012

What I Wore :: A Possibly Outdated Color Story

shirt :: old navy
skirt :: thrifted
shoes :: thrifted
glasses :: coastal

Remember a couple years ago when this was the trendiest color combo the world had ever known? I painted the kids' wall blue like this and Bea had that red bed frame. It was glorious. I don't regret anything. In fact, James and I have seriously discussed doing blue walls and red furniture in our home. Like in the main rooms. 

People say blue to mean sad, but I think it is the happiest, cheerful-est color. It makes me think of clear skies and the ocean. Not that I've ever seen a pretty blue ocean, but figuratively, sort of. 

The walls in our new house are ALL (except the wood panelled kitchen) a nondescript neutral. The annoying thing is that the neutral comes out a different shade in every picture. Even when the camera hasn't moved. Wow, how does it do that? And why won't it stop?

I am definitely not implying supernatural activity, but I had the opportunity to spend a few hours in this house by myself for the first time the other day. I had the feeling someone was back in the bedrooms and I was sure I heard a child's footsteps. I wasn't creeped out though, because for one thing it was the middle of the day and for another I don't believe in that stuff. 

Do you? Did you have an experience that changed your mind or what?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Confession: I'm a Sci-fi Nerd

So not like any and all sci-fi and I'm not all hung up on the whole sci-fi vs. fantasy debate like Roman in Party Down. But:

At first, it was just the original series. I just read the first three or four books. But I couldn't help myself. I love the Dune universe. As you can see, I have gone beyond the books penned by the original author into the realm of his son and some guy named Kevin.

And let me tell you, this is not my only excursion into the world of sci-fi lit. I started with Ray Bradbury* as a teenager. I got everything, everything I could. When I exhausted the local library, I went to used bookstores. I even went so far as to buy at least one or two new from Barnes and Noble, funded by babysitting. 

My first car was purchased for a dollar from David Weber, the author of this series.

My interest bent toward the graphic novel/comic side for awhile with a bit of Alan Moore and some Niel Gaiman (who I don't think counts at all, but whatever. People seem to think that sci-fi refers to anything that has to do with outer space, but I disagree. It's more about imagined possibilities in the future of technology and science whether on earth or elsewhere. Therefore Gaiman doesn't really count, but Moore kinda does, but Gaiman was still part of the journey, so there.).

I don't care about Orson Scott Card's personal views, I like his books. I want to read every single book related to Ender and his game and his associates, et al. And then I want to continue in the Seventh Son series.

I feel like this post would be lacking and close to downright offensive if it did not include Isaac Asimov and H. G. Wells, but I'm afraid I have not read enough of their work to say it has shaped my own imagination. But, I can feel the pull of Asimov's Foundation trilogy even as I type...

But first I have to finish Dune.

* May he rest in peace while his remain wait to be transported to Mars when technology finally catches up with his imagination and where he always wanted to be anyway.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lately I've Been

Listening to: Neutral Bling Hotel

Reading: Heretics of Dune by Frank Herbert 

Watching: Twin Peaks. We are in Season 2. The show has definitely jumped the shark, but we still love it. AND Breaking Bad. Tonight I will watch the lest of Season 4!!

Looking forward to: Painting and painting. Some drawing here and there. Oh, and getting together some more game nights. Possibly playing a show in a tea house Friday night. 

Relieved about: Not having a cell phone

On my mind: Cherry Garcia

Stressed about: An insect problem: Palmetto Bugs. We have them. Or, well, sometimes we have one. At a time. We kill it and another moves in. 

Wasting time: on Tumblr

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I Wore :: Use It Or Lose It

I am out of school for the summer, so no one is forcing me to practice. But I only have one semester's worth of Photoshop under my belt and I need to work on it. So I played a little with layers and adjustments to change this picture:

into this picture:

I think I might go back and give the dress a little more depth, but I think otherwise it came out ok. I kinda really like my hair that color...

The dress is from Asos and it is really shorter than I am comfortable wearing out. Maybe just for a date? 

I can't even believe how dorky I look in that last picture! And I don't care.