Saturday, June 2, 2012

Around the House

This week was a long, stay-at-home week for me. There was a lot of chasing. Our new house has one of those loops, you know, kitchen-dining room-living room-kitchen. It's perfect for chasing. We had one when I was a kid and we played Velociraptors until Mama just about screamed. And I don't blame her. I may or may not have raised my voice on a number of occasions this week. But if I did, it was only to be heard above the fray. 

I have the living room decorated with pretty, colorful things and old cameras and globes. It won't be like this for long. As soon as we put Bea's furniture in her room, those decorations will be hers, other than the cameras. Then, my living room will be bare and I will go thrifting. 

Check out Amby's hair. Everyone thinks he is a girl and I am tempted to cut it. But it's too soft. 

This coming week, I am looking forward to more home days. (My car is broken down: transmission.) We will have lots of drawing, reading, writing and piano lessons, I will read Go Dog Go and Fox in Socks at least one hundred times each, I will make some good meals and I will also give the Wendy's up the street at least some of my husband's hard earned money. 

Oh, and I am having another party. 


  1. Hi love.

    I just wanted to let you know that I found you and I adore your blog, attitude, and interests. I think too often people blurk (blog + lurk) and don't comment when they want to... I wanna change that!

    Keep up the good work. You are a positive and gorgeous force on the internet.


    1. Oh, thanks! What a sweet comment. I admit, I lurk a lot.... You are right, though, we should stop! Here's to commenting!

  2. I will cry if you cut Amby's hair! We're going on 4 years of no hair cut for Z. That baby hair is so so beautiful, and it will be gone someday. You might as well enjoy it while he doesn't care one way or another. Everybody called Z a girl too, and I finally started correcting them once he started understanding what they were saying. I used to be concerned about embarrassing them, but now I refuse to let my son be embarrassed. And he gets called a girl less and less. We asked him recently if he would like to have a hair cut, and he said,"No. My long hair makes me handsome!"

  3. They don't just think he's a girl, they think he's a princess and he backs them up. And the thing is, he would look darn cute with a curly mohawk.

  4. This is delightful! My little man is now walking and I love playing peek aboo games around the house like this!


  5. Amby does not look like a girl. People are crazy.