Thursday, June 14, 2012

Confession: I'm a Sci-fi Nerd

So not like any and all sci-fi and I'm not all hung up on the whole sci-fi vs. fantasy debate like Roman in Party Down. But:

At first, it was just the original series. I just read the first three or four books. But I couldn't help myself. I love the Dune universe. As you can see, I have gone beyond the books penned by the original author into the realm of his son and some guy named Kevin.

And let me tell you, this is not my only excursion into the world of sci-fi lit. I started with Ray Bradbury* as a teenager. I got everything, everything I could. When I exhausted the local library, I went to used bookstores. I even went so far as to buy at least one or two new from Barnes and Noble, funded by babysitting. 

My first car was purchased for a dollar from David Weber, the author of this series.

My interest bent toward the graphic novel/comic side for awhile with a bit of Alan Moore and some Niel Gaiman (who I don't think counts at all, but whatever. People seem to think that sci-fi refers to anything that has to do with outer space, but I disagree. It's more about imagined possibilities in the future of technology and science whether on earth or elsewhere. Therefore Gaiman doesn't really count, but Moore kinda does, but Gaiman was still part of the journey, so there.).

I don't care about Orson Scott Card's personal views, I like his books. I want to read every single book related to Ender and his game and his associates, et al. And then I want to continue in the Seventh Son series.

I feel like this post would be lacking and close to downright offensive if it did not include Isaac Asimov and H. G. Wells, but I'm afraid I have not read enough of their work to say it has shaped my own imagination. But, I can feel the pull of Asimov's Foundation trilogy even as I type...

But first I have to finish Dune.

* May he rest in peace while his remain wait to be transported to Mars when technology finally catches up with his imagination and where he always wanted to be anyway.


  1. As a full-blown, out of the closet nerd I think you should be applauded for your confession (although we are more accepted these days than ever before). Gaiman has always been a fantasy writer to me (and I know Bradbury considered himself fantasy over any other genre) but I think they are not too distantly related. I think sci-fi can fit under the fantasy umbrella (I am listening to an audio book right now where Stephen King breaks down the differences in horror, sci-fi and fantasy by making horror and sci-fi offshoots thereof).

    I just realized, for all my love of science fiction as a genre of comic books and movies, I have read very few (if any) science fiction novels. I've read no Asimov, Clarke, Card...only Bradbury and mainly his short stories. Hmmm...I see a hole in my experience I must fill. What do you recommend for an amateur sci-fi reader?

    1. Where I am I going to find anyone who reads that?

  2. I give you so many props. =D Enjoy the Dune universe!!

  3. Hear hear! I love science fiction, but I must admit I'm more of a John Wyndham girl myself :)