Friday, June 1, 2012


This is the most comfortable outfit ever. My brother-in-law mistook it for pajamas. In fact, to photograph it, I decided to curl my hair and wear make-up so you wouldn't make the same mistake. These are my most famous pants and I found them on the dollar rack! I am so cheap: the glasses were free and the shirt is from Goodwill just like the pants. I honestly can't see why anyone would shop at the mall.

Tonight, I am looking forward to making a music video for one of my poppiest pop songs. It will be made in the "fast-cheap-easy" method that we are applying to our musical pursuits lately, James and I. As my paintings get more meticulous, my music gets less so. 

The fast-cheap-easy route came to be after James' old computer crashed and the album he had worked on for ages was lost. The Lost Album, as I think of it. It was the best. It was amazing. He really put a lot into those songs. They were fun and catchy with that special touch that makes them your favorites. 

Now, why risk that again? Why let anything keep you from getting your work out there right now? You don't have the fancy camera to make an awesome video? Photobooth. You don't have awesome recording gear? Tape deck. 


  1. ahhhh I can't believe you thrifted that shirt!! Bowie forever. <3

    1. I will totally send it to you if you will link to me in an outfit post!!!

  2. I wrote this really long, smart sounding comment and now it is gone...arghh. Ok, so I was writing a mini-treatise on how appreciation for DIY projects has expanded in the internet age. The closest it came to mainstream acceptance in the past was the auteur film-making era from the late 60s to early 70s (Alphaville is highly recommended, by the way). Now, slick looking projects are kind of looked at with suspicion and a little scorn. Fast, cheap and easy seems like the best way to keep art fresh and fun.

  3. Sometimes clothes make people look good, and sometimes people make clothes look good. Most of the clothes you show you are the one making them look good.

  4. Your outfit combinations are lovely!(: