Monday, June 11, 2012

Girls Only* Rant

Why do the manufacturers of bras think that in order to feel sexy I have to have big boobs? I don't have them and I don't want them! But I simply cannot find attractive (you know, like satin, lace, that sorta thing) bras in my size that don't have tons of padding.

The ones that are padding-free, non push-ups are made out of t-shirt fabric. They are modeled by girls in sweatpants.

I am totally not against push-up bras -I'm not in the camp that would call them "false advertising." (After all, nothing's for sale ;) It's just that I am really happy to have the body I have. I like being small busted. But sometimes I don't want to wear a t-shirt bra. Sometimes I want something prettier.

Am I alone in this?

*I say "only" because I know some of my guy friends might be uncomfortable or at least uninterested in the subject matter, but if you are a guy with 2 cents on this? Please share!


  1. I usually find some good options here...

  2. I feel your pain! Get pregnant again and they will be big

    1. Yeah, and I can once again bring into play my leopard print 34C that adds a full cup size. Mmmm.

  3. I totally agree with you. I don't like push up bras, but those are really the only ones out there! Finally I had to settle for those t-shirt ones that you were talking about. It's so frustrating.

    Plus mucho props to you for loving your body ;D

  4. Belks! They have the prettiest lace bras on sale. I had a different, yet similarly annoying problem- all the lace bras on sale are too small...probably why they're on sale!

  5. I could go on and on about this too. My boobs are too big for anything attractive or with proper support.

  6. I really hate how it is all about looking a certain way. They assume that you cannot possibly be happy with who you are. And if your boobs are too big, like mine after getting pregnant and breastfeeding, then they write you off completely and you have to buy practical bras, which are never also sexy. Especially if you are nursing. If you have big boobs and are nursing the you better just forget about attractive bras all together, unless you want to spend around $100. I unfortunately have such a large cup size compared to my chest width, that finding a bra that fits without going online is impossible, and even online the search is dismal. I'm not kidding. I only have 2 bras because my size is so weird and they ended up being so expensive.
    And the altering your shape with padding does not stop at small boobs. When they get bigger it's about making the bra shape the boob so that it looks right. It's very uncomfortable.
    I want to celebrate my boobs!

  7. Maybe we should all 'os burn our bras! No, not really!! I need the support... But seriously, I hate shopping for bras online. I have to try it on!!!

  8. Not alone. Almost all I find are ridiculously padded, and I don't believe in false advertisement of the goods!!!

  9. For us working gals, padding is needed to hide the indomitable nipple. The nipple sends the wrong message, but not on purpose -- it is in the eye of the beholder. It is difficult for certain people to make eye contact with both your eyes and your nipples at the same time. Gap bras are good.

  10. I have the opposite problem sometimes. It is hard to find a bra in the proper size with proper support that is actually pretty, and forget any other color besides black, white, or nude! And pretty or not, they are SO EXPENSIVE!

  11. Bra shopping is as horrible as jeans shopping. I'm sure they are all designed by men, since every woman I know seems to have the same complaints!

  12. I have quite a few from H&M that are pretty and all lace (no padding), maybe you should check that out :)

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