Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Wore :: How I Shop

dress :: thrifted
necklace :: francesca
socks :: stolen from sister
shoes :: target
glassess :: coastal
belt :: from another dress

This dress, sadly, has a terrible sun stain on the left shoulder. It is all faded and pinkish. But I bought it anyway. Mostly because with all the stripes and contrast, you don't really notice the flaw. I don't anyway. 

Someone said recently that she really liked all my cool vintage/thrifted clothes and she wished she could still dress cool, but now that she has kids she is so busy that she doesn't have the time. It made me think:

1) I am also a mother and quite busy. 

2) I don't spend any more time seeking out clothes than I would if I tried to dress normal. In fact, I think it would take me longer. Here is why: James and I shop for clothes at thrift stores because that is what we can afford. And it just so happens that Goodwill is a treasure trove. It is Christmas. It has a dollar rack of clothes that normal people don't like, clothes that were made for me. 

Then if I do actually get something new, it's still from the clearance rack. Like those shoes. It doesn't take longer to find sales if you don't ever look at full priced merchandise. 

I bought the necklace full price. Because 18 dollars is a small price to pay for one's heart's desire. :)


  1. You are precious. And you do have phenomenal taste. And buying a super cute necklace like that is totally worth $18. If it makes you happy (which I assume it does since it's your heart's desire), it's definitely doing its job!!

  2. This outfit is awesome and I'm so glad you got it despite the stain on the shoulder. I don't have kids, but I get similar comments about how I dress the way I do all the time because clearly I spend way more time and energy on my closet that "normal people". Nope--I just shop carefully, and with an eye to what I like. Also, thrift stores yay!

    1. To be honest, I didn't notice the stain because I was so in love with the dress itself. But I figure, if I didn't notice it, maybe no one else will :P

  3. I love black and yellow together! You look adorable!

  4. Love the pops of yellow!
    I also usually only shop in the clearance sections, otherwise there's too much choice! And the bonus is that it's cheaper

  5. Love the yellow necklace!
    I always buy stuff either on Ebay, charity shops or on sale, with some rare exceptions. It doesn't take me longer to buy a boring t-shirt than to buy a more interesting one!