Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I Wore :: Only In Dreams

When and how does one actually wear a dress like this? It's so pretty with all the sweet details. But it is see through and there is lace at the shoulders. I can't stand for straps to show in those lace peek-a-boos, but I feel that a strapless slip would take away a degree of comfort from the garment. The way it looks here is fine for pictures, when I'm home alone. But I couldn't wear it out like this. 

What would you do, huh?

The dress is from The Bandit Queen. I did a post a long time ago in which I showed some of my favorite dresses on etsy at the time and talked about why I liked each one. I was so surprised when all but one of the shop owners contacted me and offered me coupon codes! I got this one for half price!


  1. Oh its such a shame you don't feel you can wear it out! It's such a pretty dress! Looks great anyway, even if you only wear it around the house there's nothing wrong with that!

    1. The only reason I feel that way is because it these pictures you can totally see my nipples!

  2. It's so beautiful! Wear it out!!

  3. Very pretty dress. It would be such a shame not to wear it out.
    Perhaps you could invest in a really sweet bra and knickers set that could compliment the dress,

  4. You HAVE to wear this out! Just buy some (I know, super boring) nude underwear, or layer a lace slip underneath x

  5. just gonna go ahead and reveal my inner creep by commenting on an older post! but really though i just found your blog and i keep on scrolling through and i reallyyyyy kind of love it! that dress is adorable! i have a few tops with little lace cutouts like this and i like to wear a lace-y bra in a coordinating color so that if the straps do show then at least it looks intentional/is cute because what's cuter then lace besides more lace? or you can get a nude bra (nude=whatever color matches your own skin) and you will hardly be able to see the straps.