Monday, June 18, 2012

What I Wore :: Sassysquatch

Is the weekend over already? It felt like it was never even here! Our Father's Day weekend was so super busy, especially for James:

-A water pipe busted and we were living dry for a few days. James fixed it. He spent most of Friday in the yard, digging, replacing pipe, doing yard-work. All this after he got home from his normal work day job.

-On Saturday, James did house maintenance stuff with his dad. (I like it when he wears his handyman belt ;) Then he went to a show after the kids went to bed. I stayed home and read Dune.

-For Father's Day, James wanted time by himself to play music. So the kids and I were out all day. We went to church and then they napped at my folks' house.

-This evening, James went to our friend Josh's house for a movie or two. A movie and a half. Something. Meanwhile back at the ranch, I made a 1920's inspired music video that I cannot wait to show you!

shirt: threadless*
pants: gifted
shoes: thrifted
glasses: coastal
pin: Xingu c/o Jake Xingu

*the shirt has a speech bubble that says "shake ya ass"


  1. I have no real idea what a 20s music video is...flappers? I'm thinking flappers. But I can't wait to see it.

    1. I watched a bunch of old movie clips and dancing stuff on youtube and then I shook it. That's kind of a personal tie-in with the outfit...

  2. You wear the best t-shirts :)

    And your husband sounds so USEFUL!! He sure is a keeper :)

  3. PS: I went to a 1920s party this weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed the dancing. Can't wait to see your video!

  4. A 1920's video you say. I'm quite pumped to see it!

    And threadless is AWESOME. I just need money to purchase some more =D

  5. That outfit is just perfect! One day I will get away with wearing yellow jeans! You look fab x

  6. I am loving your shirt! What a great combination, I like your style(: