Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Few

Things I'm excited about:

-My brother Cooper and Ali are expecting a baby ANY MINUTE. Phin was due the 10th, so it really is going to happen soon, right?

-James' birthday party is this weekend. New friends, old friends, wine, dressing up...

-Breaking Bad. The season is off to a good start, you guys.

-School is starting back soon. Not even soon enough. #nerdalert

-Not needing any good reason to post an awesome picture. Because it's my blog after all.

Unfortunately, I found this picture of John Waters on tumblr with no linkability. Don't you hate that? That's the terrible thing about the internet. If you find the source, let me know and I'll update. While you are at it, why not find the source for this one of Aaron Coady (Sharon Needles), too.


  1. That's so exciting about the baby! Hopefully the baby will be born tomorrow on my birthday! July 20th is a fun birthday to have ;D

  2. So much goodness coming up and happening now...this is a pretty huge summer. Breaking Bad will be as awesome as ever. The party will be super fun (one game to look forward to: Clams Are Great). How will August possibly measure up?

  3. The other day while perusing my instant queue on Netflix, I noticed the "new episodes" on Breaking Bad and literally yelled "Hallelujah!" and scared the pants off my poor two-year-old. I watched the whole season 4 in like, two days. SO GOOD.

  4. I'm excited for school to start back too. #fellownerdalert