Sunday, July 8, 2012


(riding in the car, James driving)

Lily: Look at those houses. They are so close together that if you were in one and I was in the other we could kiss through our windows.

James: I would buy them so we could do that. And because I'd like for us to have separate houses. 

Lily: I bet you would. Decorate it however you wanted. (scoffs)

James: What?! How do you think I would decorate it?

Lily: Let's see: black and white striped walls and black ceilings and black floors. Big plush white shag rugs. White leather furniture. Glass tables. A bowl of coke.

James: A room of mirrors.

Lily: James! Come on, I meant coca cola.

James: So did I!

Lily: Then what do you want those mirrors for?

James: Why is it in a bowl?


  1. That's hilariously adorable!

  2. Replies
    1. You know, how super rich people or celebrities have things however they want them...