Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lust List :: Twin Peaks

Last week, James and I finished watching the Twin Peaks tv series. And tonight, we are going to watch the movie, Fire Walk With Me. To mourn the conclusion of this amazing chapter of my summer, I would like to share some Twin Peaks goodness from etsy. Feel free to gift me any of these. They are all insanely inexpensive. 
 First off is this brooch of Nadine. She was one of my least favorite characters to watch, but I still think this brooch is the bees knees.
 Ahhh, Audrey Horne! What a style inspiration her eyebrows have been to me these last few weeks! I love her attitude and determination. And her wicked bod. (buttons)
 I need these for school. I really do. And I Get What I Want. Only $6 for the set...
 This is the most perfect design. Is it not? But where shall I hang it in my home?
I can't really imagine my future without this shirt


  1. I have a lust list also, but mine is considerably more expensive. The first item is a Kindle Fire. If you find someone to gift you things simply because of your awesomeness, send them my way! It just so happens that I have extra awesomeness to share!

  2. If you could settle for a lesser kindle, I could possibly hook you up.

  3. Do you not use it anymore?

    1. I do occasionally if there is a classic (and thus free) that I want to read, but it is really bare bones. You can't like surf the web or play games. It's just an e-reader. No color.

    2. How would you feel about loaning it out? My mom says she'll buy me a Kindle Fire for Christmas if I can wait that long! She was excited that I finally found something I want other than money to pay bills. But I have books I want to start reading nooooowwwwww.