Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Etsy Photography

I really need to just get a dress form and be done with it. This takes too long. Here's what I do:

-Set up the camera on a side table with a few books to prop it just right.
-Take a bunch of pictures of the vacuum to get a good focus and check the lighting.
-Set the timer and press play.
-Run over and move the vacuum and get in position.
-Hold still and wait for the click.

Sometimes the pictures come out ok. Sometimes not so much.


  1. Oh yes lots of work but the photos look lovely!

  2. I agree -- so worth the great pics, but maybe would be more worth it if you were doing it just for fun and not for your shop! I love that I can see the vacuum in the very last one.

  3. I want the first and last dresses! I'll take the vacuum too. ;)

  4. I love that you look like you're having fun, laughing and posing awesomely! Also, those blue/red/white shoes are amazing!

  5. I spot the vacuum in the last one too! And some cute mama pipes.