Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The other day in class, I was asked to show some of my work, then to explain my influences. Okay, I said, that's not so hard. So I showed the class this painting that I recently completed.

I then shared that Egon Schiele has been a big influence on my development as a painter. The teacher seemed unable to see the influence. He said he was looking for a "direct" influence. He acted like it was a negative thing not to see Egon in my painting, but to me it is a great positive. No, my paintings don't look like Egon's. Because, guess what: I'm not Egon.

It would be impossible to explain how much I love Egon Schiele's work or how much it has inspired and informed my aesthetic. But if you were to say that my work looked like his? I would not be flattered. It's important for each artist to have his or her own style. We ought to be inspired by other artists, but I'm not out to ape someone else.

Here are some examples of Egon's work:

You can find a lot more on google, where I got these images. What do you think of his style?


  1. Really nice! I love your painting and Schiele's

  2. wow, i really like his style. i am also blown away by your painting! i think it's a good thing your work doesn't directly look like his. you both have posed your subjects in very interesting ways/angles but that's about as similar as it gets. i hope to see more of your work in the future!

  3. I immediately saw the reference, not in an exacting way, but in a 'feeling' way. It's the movement in the body that Schiele captures that I saw in your painting. Does that make sense?
    I love *your* style, though! That painting above is seriously cool. The stripes; I love the stripes!

  4. love your painting of James, sort of watery-leaky fluid. I like your style.

  5. Ooh, I love it! Deliciously creepy! And I love yours, too. I completely agree with you and I hope you stood your ground with your teacher!

  6. hey,

    i mean, i know teachers. i am one of them and let me tell you something...they always have to say something at least...pff. the only very efficient way to oppose or friendly ignore such individuals is to them away...let this be your protection.

    best wishes from germany´s schillerhouse in weimar!