Friday, September 28, 2012


Weekends are busier than weekdays for me, but I'm ok with that. Time is flying super fast with so, so much to do and I certainly don't want to look back and feel that I missed important moments. But, boy, am I ready to get through with school already! I want it to go by at a nice clip like this, full speed to graduation! 

Most of my days are spend with long stretches of not thinking about school at all because I am in mama-mode 100%. If I get distracted by thoughts of school or -heaven forbid- try to work on school, the kids pick up immediately that I am disconnected from them. And then they act out. 

But if they get my full attention, it's smooth sailing. Like today, so far. They are learning constantly and it is mostly because James and I take the time to answer all the many questions. "Mama, talk about tornadoes." I hear that about 15 times a day. (I was going to say a hundred, but 15 is the literal average.) Mama-mode time is mostly spent sitting at eye level with Bea or Am a foot or less away from my face intently explaining all kinds of things about our world and partly spent teaching them how to do chores. 

(Having chore help was definitely a factor in deciding to have kids!)

It's funny to think about all my friends at school* who think they really know me, but haven't seen even a glimpse of who I am as a mom, who I am primarily.

*excluding Beth of course


  1. I love your momself. Your patience and kindness and giggles with them is so endearing. And I am over the moon for your precious babies. They are so sweet and adorable, and I miss them when I'm away from them. There's pretty much nothing better than coming in the door and having Beatrice run up to me and hug and kiss me. <3

  2. It's certainly funny when you run into people from school and they chuckle and say oh wow you've got kids.