Saturday, September 1, 2012


Boy, have I been busy! With my job and school and parenting, I'm spread pretty thin and we're only a week into the semester.

In one of my classes, the first assignment was to design 4 posters in one week. Not so bad, huh? Each poster is about a different font of our choosing. Anything. But here's the catch: The fonts featured in our posters are the only ones we can use all semester! No trading or sharing. My four fonts are all I get. So I chose (I hope) wisely and went with two really strong sans serifs and one great serif plus a total novelty odd-ball to have a little something in my bag of tricks.

Want to see what I have so far? Ok, now these are untweaked, but you should be able to see where I'm going with them. The purpose of this class is to broaden one's portfolio by giving us a chance to try new styles and ideas out.

I know the text is illegibly small. S'tch-k because it's better to see it as a shape of text for assessing the overall design. Which is your favorite? Is there one that just makes no sense or makes you mad or turns you off?

They aren't due until Tuesday, so any feedback you give really could help improve my chances of a good grade as I have time to change things!


  1. I love your Gill Sans! The picture is perfect. So beautiful.

  2. I like all of them, they're super cool, but I think I like Futura the best.

    This seems like an awesome assignment!

  3. I like the latter 3 most. The first one feel a litte uninspired only because it looks like an Abercombie and Fitch or American Apparel poster. In the other three you seem to have enhanced the stylistic differences with the artistic design. That is of course, my uninformed opinion. Good work! Too bad you didn't get comic sans. Heh.

  4. What a fun project! Garamond has such presence :)