Friday, September 7, 2012

Touching Base

Don't worry, I'm alive! But barely. I've been getting more hours lately, which is prefecto because James keeps getting cut. Every time the kids are crying for me not to go in to work, I just think about it as helping James and that makes it easier. I don't hate my job or anything, but it is draining and it does take me away from them and the whole mountain of things I still have waiting for me to do when I get back.

I have been posting more often on my other blog. Mostly because it is required for school. Speaking of school, it is going well. One of my teachers is great and the other is a sadist. But I'll win him over before long. I have him for two classes so I have time.

Oh, did I tell you I started a flickr account for my photography? Check it out.

One more thing: Bill Clinton's speech. Holy moly. Did you see it? (Can I just vote for him?) It was a really good, really long speech with a lot of figures and claims thrown out there. But the awesome thing is that it checked out. I told James after I heard the guy from Fact Check on NPR, "I guess Obama's campaign won't be dictated by fact checkers either, but for more honorable reasons." My favorite part of the speech? One word: Arithmetic.

I have a question for my pals on the other side, an honest, out-of-curiosity question. How do you deal with the Romney campaign being called out constantly by Fact Check and Politifact, aka Pant on Fire. How do you feel about the Romney campaign standing by claims that have been proven false by these non-partisan, unbiased organizations?


  1. I wish we could have Clinton again. He's pretty damn awesome.

  2. I actually loved Clinton's speech - as you know I'm English but my boyfriend's American and so I'm allowed to take an interest in your presidential campaign :)

    Have you seen this?
    Mitt Romney meets gay Vietnam veteran. Loses votes.

    1. That's great, Eleni! Thanks for sharing.