Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Debate and Fellini

Well, I have thumbnails due for a project tomorrow, but I thought I'd have the debate on in the background while I worked tonight...

Yeah, now that it's over, I find that no homework got done, somehow the rest of the wine is gone and I ate a whole Jiffy Pop of popcorn. Wow. I watched the livestream from Marketplace from American Public Media with Kai Ryssdal's twitter-feed in the sidebar piping in with his Kai-ness. It was good. Poor Big Bird.

So, maybe I am completely crazy, but the project is to design a DVD cover and I have chosen a movie I haven't even seen. Oh, boy. But it's such a cool movie!! (based on the trailer and what I know of the director...) It is Fellini's first full length color picture, Juliet of the Spirits.

For my photography class, we have self portraits due tomorrow. Mine are all posted over on my photography blog, but here's the one that got the best response:

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