Friday, October 12, 2012

Printing, Part 2

This is the part where the teacher let me do my own thing. I feel so blessed to have this much freedom, encouragement and room for expression in school. I am doing a DVD cover for Fellini's first color movie, Juliet of the Spirits, as I mentioned before. When I get it good and finished, I will surely show it to you. My friend Beth took all these pictures.

First it was a lot of sitting around carving the blocks.
Then I secured the block on the bed and rolled on a thin layer of black ink. 
Even though it's too light, I was super excited!!!

My teacher(almost) always wears that hat, even inside, because he believes the proper way of doing things is an archaic convention that no longer applies. He is a father of two. 
It took a lot of tries, closer to what I wanted with each one. 
You'll see the finished product soon enough. It is due on Tuesday...

LOL, the Giveaway Part: First five people to comment here (other than myownself, of course) will get a print from me! It may not be this design. After all, there are four more!

GIVEAWAY STILL OPEN. Don't be fooled: I've commented and commenters have re-commented. As of right now there are still TWO (2) prints up for grabs.

Please leave a way for me to contact you!


  1. Yes, yes, but how do we win a print? Also, love the look in the last pic.

  2. So, does my reminding you to do a giveaway count as a post? I guess this one does anyway?

    1. You would have gotten one anyway, but yes! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Send me your address or whatever (

  4. I'm sad that I missed out on this class.
    <3 Amazing, Lily.

  5. These are gorgeous. Enjoying these posts immensely. Print making has been on my list of things to learn.

  6. Ahhh this makes me miss university so much! Printmaking is great fun :)

    Alli xx

  7. Oh wow I love your prints! I would be honoured to receive one if you would consider posting it all the way over the sea to Blighty! You can email me at :)

    PS: my housemate does a printing evening class every year, she's hooked!

  8. I figure I'm past the cut, but the only reason I didn't leave a comment sooner saying how much I absolutely love love love that design you made was my lack of internet (boo to moving). Seriously, though, that design rocks.