Thursday, October 11, 2012

Printing, Part I

For the project we are doing right now in Directed Projects, I am making linocut prints. So on Tuesday, our teacher brought in a press, colors, rollers and a bunch of letters. We had fun learning the process and getting our hands dirty. My friend Beth took these pictures.

Do I look like a real grown up or what?!
We made Pantone colors by measuring and blending grams of oil based ink.
Those are just some random thugs.

Stick around for the next installment to see what I've been working on and the chance to win a limited edition print! (of my stuff, not the Star Wars quote)


  1. Are there only five people in the class?

  2. Beth has a limited scope... (No, there are 6 of us, but one didn't show that day and the guy with the backwards ball cap "Other Brandon" isn't in our class.)

  3. Really small classes mean that the teacher can stop everything to show us how to use a printing press because one of us happens to need it. :D

  4. Sweet, I am all for small class sizes. And Star Wars prints. And wearing pearls to class.

  5. What a super fun class! Mostly, I just focused on the sexiest people in the class, aka Lily and Lopera, LOL! But then, Chris was always behind me...