Monday, October 22, 2012

The Occasional Hair Post

You know how every few months I get on here and talk about how tempted I am to cut my hair? Well, that temptation never really goes away. Pinterest doesn't help. :/ Oh, man, I keep wanting to go, like, super short. Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby kind of short. And James encourages this! After all the months I've been growing it and growing and I still can't do an honest-to-God top-knot (I cheat by french braiding it up the back ;). Anyway, I saw this beautiful photograph the other day and can't get it out of my head.

I just have to remind myself of how gawky it would look with my nose/freckles/glasses. This would be the absolute perfect cut for my sister Isobel. Her hair is naturally about this color and texture.

You know, it might not look all bad with glasses. I'd just have to keep the fringe trimmed so it didn't get too busy like a traffic jam above the eyes.

Okay, I probably won't thrill you with another of these rambling hair posts for  a few months.


  1. Oh do it do it! It would e so lovely with your bone structure. And sure hair is just the best. I'd recommend making sure you keep a long enough fringe to peak out of hats, though. That's always my biggest regret when I have short hair in winter.

  2. You should go for it! It's just hair afterall. It'll grow back!

    Mine is now down to the middle of my back and I dream daily of cutting it all off.

  3. hey,

    last week I cut off my dreadlocks after 10 years. well, the beginning of my dreads wasn´t that tight so I comb it clean...after all I have a cut like this lady...and I just feel amazing, a new life starts...and afterall it´s just hair,it will grow back quickly! feel free and encouraged to do so! you will feel absolutly great and you (being beautiful with long or short hair with spectacles or without wearing a skirt or trousers...)will look mesmerizing!!!!

    greets from germany!

  4. Isobel would look GREAT and so would you! But we all know she wants to keep her long YOU should do it! it'd be 'dorable(:

  5. I actually think that cut would look fantastic on you, and the features you are concerned about would only make the style even better! I say definitely do it. I've had short hair since I was 14, so I get the appeal of a cute cut. It's always better to do it, and regret it (never happens, by the way), than not and lust after it!

    Alli xx

  6. I think you would be really lovely with this hair cut. Let's try it! It's not THAT short after all... :)