Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Tall Man at the Circus

Yesterday, I made a pair of trousers using a 1970s McCalls pattern from Twigenberry Vintage on etsy and some fabric from a bolt my mother-in-law gave me for curtains (still gonna make the curtains, Mom!).  I wore them to school today and now I'm going to show them off to you! By the time I got home, there really wasn't that much light, so I squeezed into this little lit section of the living room. That's how come all the images are cropped and there aren't good lengthy views. But you get the general idea:

They are tan and black striped, wide-legged pants with a zipper closure in front and a nice waistband. These are vintage size 12 and I only changed the pattern a tiny bit to get a good fit. I want to experiment with various leg widths, specifically narrower. This pattern is definitely a keeper. I couldn't be happier with the fit!


  1. I have butt envy. Also, seamstress envy.

  2. Very nice job! They are like a far classier version of the beetlejuice trousers that were in fashion recently.

    Alli xx

  3. Ooh, I've managed to follow a pattern to make a dress before, but trousers always seemed a step too far. I am impressed!